I have had to take time digesting my Tutors report. It takes me time to process my Tutors comments and separate my feelings; to be able to listen to the constructive criticism rather than take some of the comments personally.

After a video call from my tutor these are the comments I will work on.

My tutor thought that my concept was confused. In truth my concept started as a question why do I enjoy drawing body studies?. When travelling to Spain I learnt where my influences came from and this made me investigate further. My concept changed into femininity through an artist point of view. I think my work may of got confused when I introduced quotes to my work and print. I was probably trying to do to much and lost my train of thought.

I am still very proud of my print and contrary to what my tutor thinks I think it works! Yes I do agree that it is comercial but for me at this point of my studies it reminds me of how I can use my work in the “real world”. I do however understand and respect were my tutor is coming from. My tutor was trying to tell me that I am usually very experimental and wacky so in part 5 I seem to have gone safe. The reasons for this is because I have been trying to refine my work (as been advised in previous reports) but in doing so I may of lost a bit of my “voice”. My tutor advised me that at this point of my course I should of been as experimental as posible.

When my Tutor said I played it safe I disagree. It might of appeared that way but for me doing what I did was risky. I have been following other students doing mixed media and I felt that I was following a different path. Garment construction and illustration with my prints is probably more complicated than I thought. Did I bite more than I can chew? Could I develop my print further? Can I simplify my concept or maybe make it clearer or even get rid of the concept all together?. Femininity is such a wide concept and a complex one now days. With these thoughts in mind there are various points I would like to work at:

  • Refine and select what images to use for my print. Keep just to my “cheeky” drawings; as these are my interpretations of my primary artist research and imagery.
  • Develop a new print with my selected prints. Turn it into a a modern depiction of my old masters research.
  • Be more experimental with draping on a stand.
  • Look back at some of my previous work and see what ideas I can take from them. Maybe my fabric manipulation samples?