I am so pleased that on part four I have managed to learn from all my previous mistakes and use them to improve the quality and context of my work. I should always remember that although I need to be experimental and take risks I should still need to stay in the part of the creative lagoon where my feet can just about touch the water, not too far in, where I can drown. Selecting the best ideas is crucial as well as developing them further, but in a focused way.

I am pleased that I have made progression in my critical vocabulary, this is an area that I find difficult but also very rewarding. Being able to describe a process or critique a piece of work is very important as a textiles practitioner or artist. It will also give me confidence and make me sound more profesional. Most importantly it will help me look at the areas of my work and the ones of other artist and learn what work and the ones that didn’t, informing me on how to improve.

looking at this review I wonder if in part five I should develop my understanding of mono printing and experiment with different fabrics, textures and see if I can come up with a design for a garment. Remembering to look at other designers and artist to feed from their influences, practices and techniques.