Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have explored various compositions, materials and techniques in part four but after my previous tutors advice I have been trying to keep control of my ideas, focusing on developing only a few. In doing so I am hoping that my line of enquiry is clearer. I have used a variety of materials like card, plants, cord, ribbons, buttons and coins to come up with a range of mark making to create interesting prints.

Quality of outcome

I am still working on this. I have been putting a lot of effort in the quality of my work and the presentation of my prints, I am hoping this has improved. I still struggle with communicating my ideas clearly and that is partly because English is my second language. I have so many ideas that I still have difficulty with prioritising the good ones. How do I know which ones are good unless I investigate them? By the time I have investigated them I have lost precious time which restricts me from developing the good ones. It is so hard to get it right!

Demonstration of creativity

I do believe this is my strongest area. I am hoping I have demonstrated that I can use sampling to develop a textile design. I have done this by transferring my prints onto merchandise like dresses a chair and lace. I have also demonstrated that I can use basic printmaking techniques. I have really enjoyed mono printing and I am hoping this reflects on my work. I am thinking at this point that I want to go into print making for home interiors and fashion. Long way to go I know!

I am still developing my creative voice, I think it is there but it still needs tweeting and refining. Is that not a life long plan anyway? I mean Henry Matisse found cuttings and his collaging on the latter part of his life what hope do I have?


Ugh! Critical thinking and reflection!!!!

I shiver at the thought. It is no secret that I am almost developing a fobia of ‘critical thinking’ all my life I have been told that I always see the glass half full. It goes against the grain for me to see the negatives and actually voice them. My nature is that I see the negatives and I make them better before I even talk about them out loud. Now I am faced with actually pointing out what went wrong and how I am going to change it. I have got into the habit of just doing it without thinking. So much more work for me to do when it comes to reflecting (on paper) and developing my critical thinking. It is an area where I will always need to be actively making an effort.