It has taken me along time to be able to write about my review for part 3 of mixed media for textiles. I have had to step away and really think about my feed back. I have read my feedback probably a hundred times trying to be objective and not get too emotional about it, I don’t know if it’s because I have been suffering with my fibromyalgia and this has blocked me some what!

On the positive side it is good to hear that the quality of my samples has improved. I finally realised that although I am exploring different methods and media my samples still need to be of a certain standard. I struggle with this at times and more when using media like concrete which I am not experienced in using. How can my samples be of a good quality when I am learning and my concrete still crumbles at times?. I also find it very frustrating that when I send my samples they come back broken and looking a mess no matter what I do. This is one of the frustrations of on-line learning.

Another positive is that I have taken on board my tutors previous suggestions on being more adventurous on scale and composition another area that I struggle because I also have to think on how I am sending these larger samples or how I am recording them on film. I have been thinking hard on how I am going to re-film my samples but this alone is time consuming and hard. I have thought of taking my samples to a brook or a river as the whole concept was nature and findings. My tutors suggestion of recording them in a black room is complicated right now as I haven’t got a black room and I don’t feel it fits with my concept. I will review these ideas when I prepare for assessment.

It was a good point that my Tutor made. If my tutor can’t use the words ‘I like’ why are my? I struggle with writing down how critical I am about my work. My nature is that I make everything work and that I find beauty in everything, this is a disadvantage when performing a critical analysis. I need to work on this and it is a real struggle. Of course I don’t think that all my samples are successful as there is always a mark or a smudge I enjoy and four that I don’t so this should not be so difficult to record. It has not been the first time that a tutor has told me that I am too positive about my work. Rebecca had come to the conclusion in ideas and processes that that was my ‘Voice’. -Still…I need to work on this.

I had come up with the conclusion myself that Concrete was a surprise to me as I thought it would be cold and hard contrasting my usual work but somehow I made it look softer and more feminine. After I finish part 4 I am hoping to be able to go back to my concrete samples and experiment further as like my tutor said on my review I run out of time. I also think another point to consider is that English is not my first language so sometimes when describing work I tend to use the same vocabulary. I will make a point to use other words to describe or avoid ‘pretty’.

Another point to improve on is that I need to narrow my ideas. It is a double edge sword for me. It’s a positive but can also be my biggest weakness. How can I find the right balance? Still be creative and explorative but learn how to sort out my best ideas and then drop the ones that are not so strong and continue developing my stronger ideas.

I think in part three I experimented with to many materials and media and got over excited with the processes which left me no time to continue to develop my ideas. I also thought that that’s were part five comes into effect. I thought that part five would be where I get to refine some of my previous ideas.

So much to remember! I need to to practice and be experimental with new materials that I have never used before whilst allowing enough time to be able to develop my best ideas. while also record my findings remembering to be critical and using a varied vocabulary. Can I do it?