When starting this exercise I thought it would be my favourite method of doing a monoprint. When I did my research it looked like it would give me the freedom to draw anything and that I would be able to add colours and lines. It is true that I can paint anything on the plate but my choice of paints where probably to thick and because of that it was hard to draw detail and smaller lines, unlike the back drawing exercise. I explored the idea of drawing a previous drawing that I had done on my iPad . I decided to do this sketch because it has simple lines and also to continue the theme of a body study.

I used a vibrant blue with black to make the print look more abstract and vibrant.

The outcome is a less defined sketch. The paper has picked up a thick layer of black paint but what I find interesting is the areas that hasn’t picked up the paint. These areas are like white cracks and lines. It is in these lines where I find the real beauty in monoprinting, as they are spontaneous. It would be impossible to replicate them. These lines add texture and interest to the print. This print is a very simple design and composition but that is why it is effective. If you look at my previous iPad drawing and this monoprint there is a big difference in style. Drawing on my IPad allows me to record thin lines and textures. I am in control of every stroke so the overall look is more refined and polished.

With the image below: the image is more naive, the lines are not so sharp or refined. With all that said this technique offers me a more abstract and relaxed print, the image has more character (in my opinion).

I wondered if this print was too straight forward and simple so I decided to experiment some more with other colours.

I added red and yellow to my plate making sure the contours of the body were sharper. I also added yellow to outline the bum checks and the line on the back. The outline of the body works better but I think the previous colours are more successful. I find that with this technique it is trial and error with a good dosis of good luck.

I added some red and back to my plate and then took some of the paint off with a sharp tool to draw the bum cheeks. The result of this is that it gives the effect of drawing with a white pen. For the background I used green and yellow, I left some of the yellow without mixing and this has given the print some light.

looking at this print I enjoy the colours especially the splashes of light vibrant colours but I wonder if there is not enough contrast between the subject matter and the background.

Overall I find monoprinting very addictive. I could be printing trying to get the perfect print until the cows come home. The truth is there is probably no perfect print in my eyes, there will always be something that I need to improve on. I wondered how Edgar Degas made his look so effortless and recorded so much detail. Like Edgar Degas I enjoy this technique more as a means to build on. I could revisit some of these images and build on them further. It affords me a process of mirroring, repetition and transformation. Like Edgar Degas through this technique I can study form.