Demonstration of technical and visual skills

During part three I have explored a variety of materials like: paper pulp, resin, plaster, concrete, moss and plants. I have been aware of improving the quality of samples and therefore spent more time thinking about composition. This has been testing at times as working with these materials is a new thing so the samples are not as refined as I would like them to be. I do think that my visual awareness is always turned on so the fact that I am allowing my samples not to be to refined is a positive not a negative, it demonstrates that I am learning to experiment and allow ideas to flow freely without preconceived ideas. I still worry that some of my samples that have flowers have changed (which was part of the concept of my work) by the time they make it to assessments they are not going to look as good as the flowers would of withered, how would this translate? Will the assessors still understand my concept? Would they mark the quality of my work down? I have tried to record my samples on video on this blog to show the samples when they are fresh. Another issue is the weight of my samples, I won’t be able to send these as the postage would be too much, stressing already!

Quality of outcome

I think I have improved with communicating my ideas but I still need to work at it. I always think that when I have an idea everyone knows what I am doing and I forget to spell my ideas out. That’s why I have been putting together some collage images in my sketch book to narrow down my inspiration and the development of my ideas with a few words hoping this shows my ideas in a clear coherent manner.

Demonstration of creativity

Being inventive is my strong point, I have no problem with experimenting and inventing but in part three I have been trying to manage this better. I usually go crazy with the making and inventing loosing myself, to the detriment of the concept of my work. This time I have tried to make less and have focused more on thinking and reflecting on what I am doing and learning. I have had more time to observe and plan my next creative move. I think designing a jacket with moss and latex demonstrates my ability to take an idea further and that I am not afraid to take a risk. I have designed an innovative material (me thinks). My personal voice is still to be defined especially when using media that is new to me but I think if you were to put my work amongst other students you would probably recognise it as mine. There will always be a hint of colour and a touch of madness mixed with a huge pinch of naivety but it would always have an element of beauty.


This is an area where I still need to improve. I do a lot of mental (in my mind) reflection but I don’t always put my thoughts on paper. I do a lot of research and it is all recorded on my iPad with photographs, notes, ideas, but I sometimes fail to record it in my sketch book or on my blog. I am getting better with my critical thinking but is it enough? I am always good at turning a positive out of a negative, it’s the way I think. I wonder wether my positivity and ability to transform something negative to a positive comes across too cocky or too positive. Am I demonstrating clearly that sometimes samples don’t work and that I failed to get the outcome I wanted, but that I still learnt something? I find myself getting excited with the elements I like in a sample but I rarely talk about the ones I don’t like. This is not because I like every sample that I make but more because I am able to learn and see elements of success. So to wrap it up I still need to work on my critical thinking and when talking about my work really point out why something works and why it doesn’t, simple you might say… not for me! As it seems like I have caught this bad habit of just looking at the positives.


I have really enjoyed working with concrete which surprised me as it was a material that I found cold, hard and masculine. I have realised that it is how you use a material that determines the look and the context that it is used in. I have also enjoyed working with resin but have learnt that next time I would like to work with an organic more environmentally friendly one. I have finished part three wondering what it would be like working with concrete and resin together so although I have found a lot of answers in part three I am also leaving with a lot of questions and further ideas. Hopefully I can find the answers in part five.