So spring has sprang and there is a lot of surfaces I could record in my garden, the bounty is endless!

This was an enjoyable exercise as the results were a complete surprised. I experimented with pushing plants that I found around me into the clay to see what imprint it would leave.

I was inspired by a sentence I had read ‘ The leave of every tree brings a message from the unseen…’

I often think of clay, cement and concrete as not being very refined or pretty but this exercise helped me fall in love with these materials again. This clay in particular was so easy to work with, its soft and pliable, very easy to shape. I used some twigs and flowers from my ‘red robin’ tree.

Above: I enjoy the simplicity of this sample, I began to wonder what it would be like to cast a latex Mold as I had never done it before.

The sample above was achieved with an aloe vera branch. The result is a more geometric one (unusual for me).

I went on using fern foliage but instead of using the whole branches I concentrated on the tips changing the composition and in my opinion making it more interesting.

Above: I used a rock plant and pushed it side ways making sure I got an imprint of the stem as well as the flower, I repeated this action several times at different heights on my mould.

Above: in contrast to the one above I used the head of my rock plant to make an imprint resulting in a different effect all together.

More variations exploring composition.

I learnt how to cast my own Molds out of latex and these turned out to be quite successful, I am personally happy with them as they open a range of possibilities for me. It means that anything I see that is textured I can record and replicate to make my own interpretations. It is early days and I need to perfect the method but for me it’s freedom! The possibilities are endless.

I continued to cast my mould in plaster and I love it! I enjoy the unfinished un-perfect feel almost like something you would of found in an excavation in an archaeological site in Rome (ok you can feel my excitement). Who new! Something so simple could be so beautifully! I also enjoy the tint of clay that my mould has left on my casting given it a more interesting texture and tones.

‘The leaves of every tree

Brings a message from the unseen’

Below: More of the same, this one I don’t find as exiting as the one above which is interesting because when I started this exercise it was one of my favourites. I think it’s because it is to controlled, it goes to show that you should always push and experiment further to see where you arrive at.

I decided to record my Molds with ink and paper to see what marks it would make. I am very happy with the results. I repeated the pattern moving my mould to create movement and a more interesting composition. This sample made me think that it is ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary. It is in the ordinary that I sometimes see the most beautiful, this excites me.