This was a fun set of samples. I forgot how fun it was to cast with plaster. I bought some fine plaster which was very easy to mix with water. The texture was very smooth and creamy. I poured the mixture to a square mould that I had covered with some cabbage leaves. I was really impressed with the results. The plaster picked up on all the fine detail of the creases and ‘veins’ of my cabbage. This sample reminds me of a brain. Working with this plaster is a treat in comparison to my earlier samples with paper pulp. The results are much cleaner and the lines are sharper and smooth. I also enjoy the white colour it comes in. It would be very easy to paint these pieces but I quite enjoy the minimalist and neutral feel of these samples. I wondered what it would be like to experiment adding bits into the plaster? Maybe threads or fabric? I shall have to experiment some more!

You can’t see in these images but I experimented with the scale of the samples the big sample above is about 25cm while the small ones at the bottom are 5cm.