When reading my tutors review I am reminded that somewhere along this course I have lost my focus. The presentation ideas that Jenny has suggested are what I used in ATV. Presenting my samples on A3 paper or card with some photos of my work worked well for me but somehow I stoped doing it.

On the subject of quality: I have obviously misunderstood, I somehow thought this part 2; was ideas and samples of different methods of joining and wrapping I didn’t realise refinement was also important. It is a shame because some of my best work like my wrapping was to big to send. I think I probably should of based my sorting on the best quality samples rather than sorting them by possible potential to be developed further.

On the subject of scale: I struggle with this one because sometimes I would like to go bigger but OCA has made the postage bags smaller so it is trickier to send big work to be assessed. I am aware that we can record these bigger samples but my fear is that they don’t always get seen on the blog. I have been told before that in assessment there is no time for assessors to read everything on the blog so I feel discouraged to work in a bigger scale.

yes! I agree looking back at my work I can see that my ideas are strong but I let myself down on presentation. When looking back at my sketchbook my work looks cramped and the pages look overloaded. When sorting my samples I overlooked the task and selected samples that were easier to place in the postage bag.

So time to step up my game! I will be focusing more on quality of my samples and presentation.