Looking back at my work From part 2: I have selected a few samples that I think have been successful or could be developed further.

I like this sample above; because I could develop it further by creating a bigger surface bending and manipulating the shape to create something interesting. I could also experiment with clay or casting.

The sample above just made me realise how I could change the look and identity of an item. I like the idea that I learnt by researching Alice Anderson of archiving items and changing their identity. This is a new concept for me. For similar reasons I enjoy the sample below. By contrast I like the neutral look of the sample and the texture the wrapping with thin thread on calico has created. I would like to develop this technique further maybe by experimenting with dying the calico with inks to see what it results in.

I enjoy the concept of the sample below. Stacking fabric circles created by rolling the fabric and attaching them with thread. I am not sure if there is much scope for developing it maybe by changing the materials to metal and experimenting with scale. I can’t really explain why I like it – I just do.

I chose the sample below because it was a complete surprised and it has scope for further development. I explained in exercise 4 my ideas for this sample.

Below is an illustration of how I would develop it further. I could also experiment making a bag.

Below: I really enjoy this sample. I think it is one of my best because it developed and you can clearly see the progression. I enjoy the softness and simple lines. I also see how it can be developed further by using the negative spaces and creating a sharper pattern. This would require planing and precision. I would also like to experiment with the different heights of the individual structures, to create a more interesting surface pattern.

The sample below can be developed by changing the size of the circles and experimenting with placement, also creating a more interesting pattern. If I collected more lemon and tangerine nets I could also experiment with alternating colour and creating a patch work with the net.

The sample above: I selected, because it also has scope for development. I could create more of these structures and experiment with repetition connecting them with thread or fishing wire to create a moving 3D textile. This would require time as I have to make loads of paper rings and then spend time attaching them.

Above: I just really enjoy this sample. sadly I didn’t have enough leaves to create something bigger inspired by Andy Goldsworthy research. The challenge with this sample is that the leaves dry out and become fragile.

Below: I would enjoy developing this sample further with other materials like copper, felt, beer cans and even clay. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of this sample.