Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have tried to use a range of different materials. I used paper, plastics, leaves, copper wire, cans and tins, straws, foam, wool, fruit netting and teabags. I explored and took risks with the materials chosen while alloying them to inform me. In doing so I found it hard to design and plan what I was going to do, as I found myself exploring and discovering while I was doing each exercise. Most of my samples are spontaneous rather than planned. In exercise 5 forming corners there is more evidence of my compositional skills and my development of ideas.

Quality of outcome

I have tried using my sketch book in a different way, just presenting ideas without repeating what I have already done in my blog. After reading on the OCA site what a sketch book should contain and what a blog should have I have a better understanding. Nevertheless I still worry that some areas might be miscommunicated that’s why I use to stick and write everything in my sketch book as it helped me see my development. I think I have communicated my ideas clearly but I have found part two difficult as I found the whole project about joining hard to be as innovative as I have been in other parts of this course. My blog is where I comunícate in a more coherent manner.

Demonstration of creativity

I found it hard to demonstrate my personal voice when doing my sampling in part 2 as I was trying things that I wouldn’t normally do. They are not refined samples they are experiments so I am not sure that you can see my voice at all!

There have been a couple of surprises and discoveries like using tangerine and lemon nets to make a potential top. Or wrapping a pencil in copper wire. Sewing teabags together to form corners and angles I think demonstrates not only how far I am willing to take my creativity but also how I responde to my primary research.

There is evidence that I am reflecting before, during and after each sample but this is an area where I am still developing. I feel much more confident in my critical thinking when researching other practitioners but I still need to expand in my critical thinking when talking about my work.