I realised that I have been wrapping furniture with fabric for a while now. Here are some examples. Above in used fabric to cover my rocking chair. I cut strips of my favourite fabric and glued it using PVA glue in a decoupage technique.

I even did my bike with this technique. Covering my furniture and other items with fabric has changed the look of these items making them more eye catching. This overall look is not for the faint hearted, it’s like marmite you either hate it or you love it. I happen to love it specially in room with not a lot in it.

Going back to the exercise, I am asked to experiment wrapping with fabric and threads. I start with tissue paper and cotton thread. I realised soon into this exercise that maybe tissue paper is to thin and not opaque enough.

So I try with another fabric, a brown fabric used for lining. So I start by wrapping the coffee metal pot with the fabric and this keeps slipping so I hold it in place by wrapping some cotton thread tightly in different motions and directions.

The results are uninspiring for me, it looks like a coffee pot badly wrapped up.

So I tried pulling the fabric out to create pockets and raised “bubbles” this changes things slightly adding another dimension. The whole piece becomes more 3 dimensional. Aesthetically I find this sample boring and dull. I don’t really know how to inject more creativity.

I stop and and sketch what I see to see if this adds or maybe I can see in more detail something I could be missing. I sketch with pencil recording some of the marks of the shadows and then I glue some strips of paper to represent the threads. I do this in colour and then strip the colour out of it to see if it is more interesting and how I feel about it.

The answer is that I am still uninspired by it at this point. So I go back and carryon experimenting. I experiment with pleats similar to what Christo and Jeanne – Claude did to their buildings.

I found it hard to keep the pleats in place while wrapping at the same time. Oh well the whole thing has become more structured changing the shape of the coffee pot. I think the neutral calico has worked well because it shows the pleats better. I find this sample bland and if we are talking about where my voice is in this piece the answer would be, it’s not!

Above: no comment springs to mind! But I realised that comment is not valid when trying to be more analytical. I am obviously being more experimental trying different things like gently stuffing some pleated satin in bigger plays and making an attempt to add a spiral arquitectural feature 😀. No this does not Work! It’s way to busy and has no rhyme or reasoning.

I try again! This time I draw what I would like to see. I simply want to decorate a coffe pot – as you do!

I experiment with water colours for a nice change as I like the unevenness of the colour when applying some watercolour. More gentle and softer.

I think already I enjoy this sample more. It’s more me, mad hatter? Most definitely! It has a brighter feel. The colours are more fun and I enjoy the contrast. The green organza gives it a sense of softness and volume. The strong pink is vibrant against the pink and the sequins are measured and have a purpose adding another layer.

Are you convinced?

Not sure I am neither!

But what have I learnt during this exercise? I think I have learnt that wrapping is not for me. It just doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the end result I am not sure I liked it when Christo and Jeanne-Claude did it. I found the original building or Island or whatever they were covering much more beautiful. I enjoyed that it is art that is temporary so therefore it didn’t have a price or be bought. I liked that it stripped the item/building to just shape and changed it’s identity but it seems a lot of work for something I don’t enjoy the end result. I appreciate that I can drape and fold the cloth/fabric and that could be fun but still not for me!

in a huge scale it could become an interesting sculpture. I have enjoyed wrapping with fabric and thread more than wrapping just with thread as this took so long.

I try again! I wrap some calico with some cotton white thread around my water glass bottle.Very simple but I like the simplicity of it and the rustic feel. I like the wrinkles the thread has created on the calico.