Last week I had a meeting with my tutor on google handouts. It was lovely hearing her views of my work but also frustrating as the video kept cutting off and the sound quality was temperamental.

The gist of the meeting was that I have worked hard and managed to do quite a large number of samples. I find it hard to know how much work is aceptable and what is enough. Still…I also like to immerse myself in what I am learning and develop my new found methods as far as time allows me so too much work is better than not enough!

On the subject of my sketchbook; I do still struggle with knowing who it is for? from now on I am going to use it as a place where I gather information and ideas. Most of my information and ideas are on my iPad – that is my real sketchbook! I have been told before not to stick all my drawings down in my sketchbook as this is then only viewed as a one dimension print rather than something that could be viewed in different angles (maybe from behind?). I am finding it confusing at times as different tutors seem to say different things. The trick is to find a happy medium and a way that works for me. As I said before I will use my sketchbook as a place where I record my ideas and findings. My blog will be a place where I record the processes and techniques.

Good point raised about me thinking about my favourite artist or textiles practitioners. Somewhere along the line I have not been sharing this in part one so I will make a point of writing more about artist that I enjoy.

My tutor raised a good point of me being very interested in me turning flat surfaces into 3D shapes and structures, I have always enjoyed doing this as i find the transformation fascinating. It’s interesting how I have missed something so obvious 🤔.

All in all I think this has been a good start to mixed media.