I started by using my paper puncturing to make random holes on the paper. I then let the location of the holes inform me of where I should thread the gold thread and some cans of beer that I cut out and also punctured – just to add more interest to this sample.

The overall look is not visually enticing or attractive but it has given me the idea to use metal cans more often in my samples as the metal is bendable and playable and also allows me to be resourceful and recycle (always a plus). At this point I am not sure what I am doing.

I carry own experimenting this time with a can of Rio as visually at least it has more colour! I proceeded to thread some lace and wool into the holes previously created. I thought the contrast in between lace, the can and the soft texture of the wool might off resulted in something interesting. I think the sample is more interesting than the previous but in my opinion lacks finesse, interest. where I my going with this?

Above; I decided to experiment with calico as it is a natural woven fabric. Beige, plain, perfect as a base. I punctured some holes with a screw driver, this action was taxing on my hands. I try not to let my fibromyalgia get in the way of my creativity and studies but this exercise is proving to be testing. I continue threading wool and copper plastic ribbon I found in my scrap box. I like the texture of this piece but not the overall visual effect. It’s missing interest.

I move on to experimenting with copper sheets. The sheets are easier for me to puncture and bend. I decided to use metal scourers cut into pieces to create a contrast of texture. Smooth versus crinkled and frayed. I find this sample more exciting as I like the inventiveness of the materials I used. Visually is more interesting as it also depicts the contrast of mat and shinny.

Above more variations of the same method and materials experimenting with the contrast of mat and shinny. I think the sample becomes more exiting when I threaded bits of a blue washing scourer in with the wool; adding an accent colour and a contrast of texture. I like the zigzag lines the blue scourer creates.

I experimented with blue organza and leaves from my garden. Although pretty and of a romantic nature I found this sample predictable and safe therefor boring!

I experimented with different sizes of ribbon an wire thread. The holes punctured with a screw driver informed me of where to thread the ribbons creating random lines.

Above: The same method using a chain stitch in metal thread and orange thread. The outcome almost looks as a the stars constellations.

Using one of my ‘scratching’ samples I threaded some pink wool and blue and copper scourer pieces. I enjoy the scribble look and the lines of this sample together with the texture of the scratching.

Above; I experimented with puncturing holes in the plastic previously scratched and folded. The puncturing worked well as the plastic of a milk bottle is soft and easy to poke. I enjoy the shape of this sample and the idea that it can be joined to another one by poking wholes and threading it together to keep the desired shape.

Above; I used a piece of foam wrapping and threaded some copper wire in some slits caused by pocking some scissors. The result is a more subtle texture, more minimal. I like the translucent appearance of this sample.

With the sample above I got over exited and wondered what would happen if I fused some fabrics, lace and plastics on top of the plastic folded sample. The result wasn’t what I wanted. I thought the fabrics would melt and mould to my plastic folded sample but instead it just covered it hiding the interesting shape that I had achieved. Ohh 😮 shame! Boo boo! Never mind! Not the result I expected although it has ended in a hard capsule shape full of texture. The fabric has melted and created another layer making the whole sample very hard.

On the whole I have found this exercise hard as I was lucking strength in my hands; this at times has been frustrating as it restricted my ability to be more creative. All is not lost as I still managed to experiment and come up with my own methods. Next time I will have to invest in a hand drill.