It was very nice ro speak to my tutor on Wednesday, I was listening to Rebecca’s very positive comments about my work, waiting for a ‘but’ and it didn’t come.

I find it very hard to hear positive comments about me or my work. Don’t get me wrong! I like it when I get them but I find it so hard to believe, why I my so critical about myself?

The comments that stick in my mind were that Rebecca liked the way I made my work so personal but I still managed to stand back and detach myself from it in order to be more objective. I also enjoyed hearing that my work is starting to look professional and that I am thinking like one; this is an area that I have been focusing on as I am starting to share my work out there in social media. I think it is important to stay current. I spend a big chunk of my time researching and looking at what is out there in terms of textiles so using computer aided design in part five and exploring the possibilities was important to me.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this course, I have learnt and taken so much out of it. I am aware that mixed media will be a totally different course completely, I’m sure I will miss the challenges that ideas and processes has given me but at the same time I am looking forward to experimenting with different materials like concrete. I have a mixture of emotions when I see the words ‘course completed’ oh well… no time for emotions now, I best start preparing to send my work for formal assessment. Rebecca gave me some good advice. I am beginning to box my work in preparation for assessment; it’s amazing to see the difference of quality of work in part 1 to part 5, they are miles apart! It’s almost as if I have grown up! (maybe not quite! 😂) wish me luck for formal assessment 🤞

With all of this in mind I felt like to really comprehend the extent of my learning journey I needed to write a final evaluation on on my achievements and learning through ideas & processes. This evaluation is based on my tutors very valuable tutors reports.