Demonstration of technical and visual skills: Part five has been been very interesting as I continued to experiment allowing my work to direct me rather than me having set ideas. The outcomes have surprised even me. The materials used have been sympathetic to the design and subject. I kept the materials simple as the concept and the print was already very complicated. I have demonstrated in my sketch book my design and composition skills; as there is evidence of the many variations of ideas and compositions used to arrive at my synthesis and refined work.

Quality of outcome: My communication of my ideas has improved tremendously (in my opinion) if nothing else because my writing has improved. I am proud of my written statement, I think this is evidence of me presenting my work in a coherent manner. It seams that the very thing I was scared off – critical thinking and researching – has became invaluable to the content of my work and my knowledge in general. Of course I am aware that there is room for improvement. Moving forward I will stop placing all my work in my sketchbook and presenting my work loosely. My blog has became clearer and easy to navigate. I made sure I kept it simple and gave each entry the right title while also taking care that the images that I uploaded were relevant to the context of the entry.

Demonstration of creativity: I have tried to push my creativity and take it to it’s limits. I have come out of my comfort zone and experimented with composition and digital printing. My personal voice in my opinion is still developing and I would go as far to say that it has became stronger in part five. My voice is colourful, flowery and at times; naive and positive thus also being full of energy and excitement. I am learning to refine my voice and direct it in a clearer and more focus one… still early days!

Context: I have really enjoyed researching different artist and textiles practitioners. I have enjoyed learning and developing my critical thinking; I think these are like a muscle, the more I use them the stronger my work becomes! So the challenge will still continue. I do wonder if I have done enough? And if I repeat myself to much? Someone once told me that if you have enjoyed the task the outcome is probably a good one, if that’s the case I am on the right path… fingers 🤞