After much experimentation and risk taking I have come up with a few print’s that I am happy with. I enjoy the many layers of work that have taken me to these refined pieces. Cy Tombly III notes of Salabah calligraphy style graffiti painting, Claude Heath use of different colours to represent different stages, my research into Shahar Avnet and her use of line drawing in her dresses and my research into the causes of fibromyalgia have all been contributing factors to these refined pieces.

It is important to remember that they are not at all perfect pieces at this stage but this is not what the brief was asking. Of course when looking at the pieces there is more refining to do, In the image above the repetition of the faces doesn’t always match – I still have a lot of learning to do on how to match the images digitally so they have a better flow. I am not under any illusion that it is a finished design but looking at the bigger picture and with a few amendments these pieces show my development through ideas and processes.

I think that I have demonstrated how I have used my primary research to feed my drawings and mark making. I have also demonstrated how by looking at other artist I have learnt to develop my own personal voice.

The image above has a fresh vibrant colourful vibe, almost, with a tribal or African feel – this is interesting to me because I almost feel like I had to go deep into my roots and dive into my feelings to have arrived to this piece of work. I enjoy the unusual colour pallet; the blue and the green being heightened to its maximum vibrancy. The composition works better when the faces are joint with the lips meeting. The faces are slightly smaller than my original design Which was 30 1/2 x 13 1/2 cm. These faces measurements are 16 x 9 cm. The sizes and scale of the faces change the overall look of the print design and affect the quality of the print.

Above- this is a better version of the same line drawing. I think the pixels are better on this piece giving the image a better quality. The colour palette is heavier. The composition? The scale of the faces are smaller. The faces measure 7.1/2 x 3 cm so the pattern has became more repetitive and busier.

Looking at my colourful and vibrant print designs I decided to carry own experimenting. I felt the need to take away the colour, as my concept of trauma in childhood being transferred on our bodies in adulthood -in illnesses like fibromyalgia- was complex enough.

I decided that I wanted the message to be loud and clear! This time I experimented with the context being louder than my work – The message louder than the print. I stripped out the colour bringing my face design back to basics; allowing the line of my drawing to breathe and show it’s simplicity and beauty. The faces represent the slurred speech often caused by fibromyalgia and the silent pain that people diagnosed with the condition experience. The two faces also play with the idea of over thinking (another symptom of the illness) and often a foggy mind. I traced my design onto a white oversized shirt and stitched it with a simple run stitch to create a drawing with thread.

The outcome is a stylish simple white shirt! At the back of the shirt I embroidered the word Mental in red to provoque a reaction – often people with fibromyalgia feel lonely in their diagnosis; as usually people find it hard to understand the pain and often say “it’s all in your mind” fibromyalgia is also a neurological disease so it stems from the brain registering pain. I think the word mental should of been even bigger.

I had the need to write a short statement of my work as it is good practice for me to share my work on social media. I was trying to be more profesional so I experimented with different compositions in my sketch book changing the font and backgrounds. It goes without saying that it is a work in progress as photoshop is not one of my strong points! But in general I think this is a summary of what I have been doing in part five Synthesis and refinement. It was hard taking the picture of one self and catch my perspex without it’s reflection. I think I captured the feeling of what I wanted. I wanted the effect of my face to be half flesh and half line drawing. I wanted my print to be in the background to show a taster of my work so far, I am wearing my shirt to show the different contexts my work fibro & me covers. I have included a short paragraph to explain my concept. I like the scale of my print versus the scale of my image. The word Mental is big and captures the viewer – it also demonstrates my learnings of the power of words while researching artist like Martin Greed all the way back in part 1 of this course. The more I reflect on this course the more ideas, inspirations and connections I find… it’s MENTAL!