Looking at the course aims and learning outcomes at the beginning of my course notes do I think I have achieved these? How do I think I have demonstrated this during part five and in the course as a whole?

Demonstrate understanding of a broad spectrum of textiles techniques to inspire creativity

Through this course I have experimented with a variety of textiles techniques to inspire my creativity. I have experimented with: crochet and metal, paper and fabric manipulation, hand embroidery, weaving with plastic guttering, digital surface pattern design and many others. Experimenting and researching different techniques has inspired me to develop some of my ideas; this is more evident in part 3 and 4. In part five I have been more interested in using my drawings and mark makings to develop a print rather than choosing a textiles technique to develop, there is still evidence of me using paper manipulation and patchwork in my ‘bralette’ and hand embroidery in my Fibro & me shirt.

There is also evidence of hand embroidery in my work with the consumer slave: adapting a photograph from exercise 4.1, also inspired by my research into the techniques that Hew Locke uses in some of his work.

demonstrate skills in generating ideas through drawing and mark-making and textiles techniques that illustrate a range of texture, tone, composition and line.

This has been a huge learning curve through the whole course but it is very evident in part five as ninety per cent of my work is based on my drawings and mark-making. I would go as far as to say that part five has merged line drawing and mark-making from previous exercises: like 2.4 new ways of thinking, inspired by writing and personal experiences. This course has helped me accept my drawings and my style of drawing. In looking and researching artist like Cy Tombly and Elise Engler I have embraced my sketching and mark making and learnt to enjoy the process. I use drawing and mark-making to record what I see and feel often using different colours to represent my different stages of drawing mapping my emotions and feelings; this is a technique that I learnt from my research into Claude Heath’s work.

I have spent hours on end thinking and analysing, doing some serious critical evaluation to come out with these compositions and line drawings. Probably more hours than the course advises and I still feel there is more I can do and need to improve on. The more I question the more answers I find, it’s very addictive!

Demonstrate basic skills in research, analysis and critical writing

In my blog and my sketch book there is evidence of my research into various artist, textiles techniques and information used in my personal experiences concepts. This has been one of my major developments through this course. I think I have improved massively in these areas and it has armed me with an essential tool to be able to help me complete my honours degree successfully.

Reflect and analyse your own personal development and creativity.

I think my essay on ‘outside influences’ demonstrates how I am able to reflect and analyse my personal development and creativity. In doing so it has helped me see how far I have gone through this course and how I am going to implement my learnings in my practice.

At the end of the course manual it says ‘we hope you have been stimulated and invigorated’ I think my answer is yes! That is exactly what I feel this course has done for me. I feel a bit lost, now that it has finished, as I have enjoyed the challenge. I have learnt so much, all of it I have mentioned in previous blogs so I don’t want to repeat myself, as I fear it would loose it’s content and meaning. Ideas and processes has been worth every penny, sweat, hard work and at times tears. I am happy with the ideas and work produced and I can finally say I understand the creative process. If this appraisal sounds too positive it is not because I am overconfident – believe me that is not the case. Of course I know there is a lot to improve and continue learning but that is the point! The difference is that this course has taught me to understand my strengths and my weaknesses, in my work and in myself, so this understanding has given me a new found confidence. I feel that as a textiles practitioner, I myself have gone through a synthesis/refinement process, never mind my work 🤓

Job done?

… I do hope so.