Fibro & me

Fibro & me is an investigation into the effects of child traumas on our body’s and minds in adulthood. This investigation led me to research fibromyalgia. The outcome of this investigation resulted in a body of work that includes digital prints, a selection of vibrant printed cotton fabrics and a embroidered shirt.

Fibro & me is based on my personal experience as a theme. I wanted to make and design a fabric based on my experiences. Depicting how we wear our experiences on our bodies. I wanted to merge these experiences with my ability to turn difficult and “ugly” subjects and transform them into edgy and contemporary prints.

This body of work has evolved through the process of layering a series of drawings and mark makings, exploring the different “faces” of fibromyalgia. The faces represent the slurred speech often caused by fibromyalgia and the silent pain that people with the condition experience. The two faces also play with the idea of overthinking and a foggy mind (also symptoms of the illness)

Fibro & me also explores unconventional colour pallets with accents of heighten intense hues – the result is a fresh vibrant colourful vibe, almost, with a tribal or African feel – this is interesting in it’s self as I almost feel like I had to go deep into my roots and dive into my feelings to arrive at this body of work.

Fibro & me is an honest and thought provoking body of work that allows the viewer to sample the different layers of an invisible disability like fibromyalgia; through the use of line drawing and words it awakens awareness of the difficulties and side effects of this neurological disease.

The Areas of work that fibro & me sit on are hard to narrow down to just one context, as this body of work crosses the boundaries of textiles and art. Fibro & me is a self portrait achieved with mix media such as oil painting and ink, layered digitally, then printed on fabric and paper. This work can be used in the context of interior design (home furnishings) and wearable art/fashion or simply as a cool print in a contemporary room.