As I was asked by the brief I arranged all of my work to be able to see it clearly and review it. I decided to arrange it in the garden as it is a big space. Arranging it in the garden was hard as from time to time a wind would blow my sketches over. I had to be quick as although a lovely sunny day, I do live in England and as soon as I placed it all nicely it began to rain. This picture shows the volume of work that I produced for ideas and processes but it wasn’t enough for me to see in great depth and detail the pieces I would like to choose for further refinement.

I decided instead to make a collage of my work for me to see clearly. My inicial thoughts was wow! It all looks so colourful and in a funny sort of way it all links in. I seem to gravitate for bright colours frequently using yellows, blues, oranges with occasionally an accent of pink. In this collage there seems to be a connection with my themes. I do believe seeing my work like this -all together- tells a story. Even though these samples are from different exercises and themes, as a body of work they tell a story. I am starting to hear my voice and this is very exciting.

In looking at this body of work the first words that I think of are:

  • Colourful
  • Faces
  • Nature
  • Pattern
  • Texture

It is hard to point out one piece of work and tell you which one of them excites me the most, as I think they all work well as a group. Initially I enjoy the first one from exercise 2,4 (new ways of thinking inspired by writing). I like this sample because of the free expressive lines and the bright and vibrant colours of the text. I am also dawned to my self portrait line drawing titled ‘the submissive partner’ I like the composition; the way my face comes out of the page. I enjoy the strokes created by the oil painting – uneven and sometimes feathery and loose. I am also very much drawn to my ‘fibro&me’ piece. I feel that there could be more potential to refine this piece. I am curious to research fibromyalgia in more detail and see what I can extract from my findings to develop this piece further. I am very interested in the idea that we as individual’s absorb our surroundings and experiences (good and bad) and these can determine the kind of person that we end up being. In my case I am interested in learning and understanding myself as a textiles practitioner and how fibromyalgia might affect this. I am also exited with my photography images specially the ones of Charlotte, I might experiment with these and see how I could refine them further- maybe using a similar technique to what Hew Locke did in his Mixed media pieces mixing photography, thread and maybe drawing. Changing the image in order to convey a message.

I experimented with grouping my images. In the collage below I enjoy the monochrome effect of the black and white line and in contrast the blues green and yellows – I might use this as a colour pallet. I also like the idea that all of my work together tell a story and could look very interesting as a pattern on fabric – maybe making an item of clothing signifying how our feelings, experiences, traumas and pain can affect the body or in this case act as a piece of clothing covering the body – another idea to look into?)

Below, Another grouping based on colour and fun texture, I shall carry on pondering on this one. I am immediately drawn to the bright pink washing line sample as I really enjoy the slippery, rubbery, cold feel of it and the random and uneven doddles lines it creates when crocheting. I wonder what I can mix this with from my other work? 🤔.

More groupings experimenting to see what comes to mind.

I would like to see if I can put these two images together and maybe design a print. I enjoy the image of the buss which has been modified by adding a layer of oils. One of the processes I enjoyed in this course was adding layers to my work and experimenting to see what interesting outcomes might come out. This is a process that has an element of surprise, the outcome is not always in my control which works well for me as usually I can be too controlling in my work. The line drawing of my face could work well as it spills of the page but also can be used with my concept of fibromyalgia and how our journey in life can affect our body’s and who we are. Everyday words can affect your state of mind and that reflects in your body.

More combinations of my work. I chose the writing because I like the suggestion of words. The loose strokes of the tooth brush. I might try and juxtaposition these images and use photoshop to see what new work comes out. My tutor advised me to carry own being playful and experimental not to worry to much about the final outcome so this is what I am doing.

I might also use the combination above. I like the combination of simple lines and the freeness of the paint with a suggestion of words. I think the two together might be a good balance. We shall see!

So far while looking back at my work the two themes that I seem to be drawn to at this point are identity and personal experience. I am at a stage of understanding who I am as an artist and how personal experiences and exterior influences affect my work.


when watching this interview with textiles designer Diana Harrison it was clear to me how her personal experiences – like being made redundant and her dad being ill – affected and inspired her quilt. I was also inspired on how Diana talks about the value and importance of taking time and space to reflect and to stand away from your work.

My work, like Diana’s, takes the context of the time in which I am living. Diana Harrison makes reference to how she felt when she was being made redundant and how that feeling made her look at boxes. The connections in between how she was feeling and a empty box: flattened, kicked, and cast away is what fascinates me. I enjoy how she talks about her stitching and how long that took, giving her contemplation time. This is something I have learnt is very important in my work. I am really impressed on how she has achieved a modern contemporary quilt, challenging the idea of tradicional quilting. I enjoy Diana’s honesty in expressing how her emotions affect and inspire her work. I have realised through this course that I am an empath person, absorbing the environment and emotions around me – I have always seen this as a weakness but I have learnt that channeled in the right direction can be a strength and one that can help in making my work more engaging to the viewer.

practical response/action

With all of the above in mind I started to experiment and put things together. I researched more into fibromyalgia to be able to understand why I think the way I do. I am affected by bright lights, loud noises and increasingly I seem to crave more time alone. Why is this? Does my love for colour come from my heighten pain and response to pressure?. Do I look for colour in life to avoid depression? ( deep ha!)

I also learnt that many of the reported cases of fibromyalgia are linked to emotional and physical trauma as a child. Fibromyalgia is also common in women that weren’t aloud to express their feelings and emotions and in turn suppressed them. Another theory is that women that tried to do too much and had a constant feeling of failing or falling short, have develop fibromyalgia. I have written in my notes other findings, but what I am most interested in is the experiences that “clothe” our bodies and this is where I get my inspiration for my theme Fibro & me. That is the body of work that I feel an affinity with at this point of my studies. I am again confronted with a very painful and ugly topic that I have the need to refine and hopefully make contemporary or edgy.

So I started by constructing a top made with a collage of my work during ideas & processes. I liked the idea of a fabric made with my experiences and exercises through my creative journey in this course. I printed some of the collages above and cut them into strips. I then proceeded to sew the long strips of paper on my sawing machine attempting to do some of the fabric manipulation techniques I did in exercise 3:2. This was hard without ripping the paper and it also restricted the shape of the bralette.

Analysis of the Bralette

Looking at this work I like it. I love the idea but I am not totally happy with the safety of it. I feel that this piece is very pretty and I have unconsciously chosen all of my favourite colours as a colour pallet, is this ok? I my pushing my abilities?

The paper manipulation is not adventurous enough and I feel I played it safe. I think I have reverted to making something pretty out of my experiences and mistakes – which sums up my life perfectly!

I like the design. The paper pleats stiffens the piece giving it structure. I added some shoulder pads to give it a bolero feel thus adding a twist to a Spanish matadors jacket (going back to my roots).

I added some crochet trimming in orange and yellow, I think looking back copper wire might of been a better option, as it would of added a more interesting edge.

I enjoy the fact it is made of paper; as like memories and experiences if not looked after, they can be forgotten and fade to the point of disintegration. Some experiences are forgotten, lost, broken just like this top. I could protect it with varnish which would also give strength and would make it a wipeable material.

I think I will leave this piece and give myself some thinking time.

Come on Lorna more experimentation!