It was Lovely and reassuring to speak to my Tutor. I was very encouraged to be told by a professional that I was on the right path. It was a a confident booster to be told that my essay was engaging and well executed, this has given me more confidence to develop my essay writing without apprehensions. I have to admit… I had to wipe a tear of my eye. It is amusing to me that for most of my life I was told that I was ‘the creative one’ but not the ‘academic one’.well let me tell you; It is never to late to challenge the preconceived perception of one self!

It has also been emotional because recently I found myself not talking when wanting to prove a point as my fibromyalgia sometimes slurs my speech. People sometimes assume I am tipsy when I am not and it becomes a joke, making me feel that whatever I have to say is not important. The fact that this course has helped me found my voice again through art and my newly found love for writing is a great bonus and one that has come unexpectedly proving once again that studying for a degree is not just about the qualifications but about the journey.

One of the main things that came out of my conversation with my tutor is that in future it would be advantageous to keep all my work loose and not confined to a book. Not to worry about the order of the work as the assessors will find their way through it. This was exactly what I was worried about. I thought by leaving some of my work loose I could always take it out but it showed the order of my development. As I embark on part five I can clearly see that it would of been much easier for me to have it all loose as I am now approaching a new challenge on how I my going to photograph all my work together. Rebecca kindly explained that in a book my work can become flat and two dimensional; while if I present it in a box loosely it’s less restricted and the viewer has the option to see it at all angles.

On to part five we go!