Demonstration of technical and visual skills: Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills (40%)

This is an area of stench for me as I continue experimenting and being playful with different media. I have improved my visual skills and have come to understand how to experiment and develop composition, without actually having to make every sample but using drawing and critical thinking. This way of working has became less impulsive and instinctive and more conscious and controlled. Researching the Golden rule and adopting it in my work has became a great tool for future composition planing. Using photography in my work works well for me and the Golden rule has enhanced my photography.

Quality of outcome: Content, applications knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas (20%).

Part four has helped me improve on my conceptualisation of thoughts. By researching other people’s projects suggested by my course notes and my independent research, I have come to understand and apply my own concepts in my work – becoming a more confident practitioner. My knowledge in other artist and practitioners has grown as I continue to study textiles. I find myself looking at ideas in film, books, music and other media continuously feeding my curiosity and creativity.

Demonstration of creativity: imagination, experimentation, invention, development of personal voice (20%).

This is without a doubt one of my strongest areas. I think if you look at exercise 4.1 I have sometimes demonstrated that I have experimented to far, by showing some of my crazy ideas that may be to far out. I have no problem in being inventive or imaginative but it is a skill to be able to comunícate these ideas. Part four has been an eye opener in how I can strengthen my communication of ideas to others and just as importantly to myself; by giving me a strong working methodology. My creative voice continues to get stronger as I have learnt more about my design processes and who I am as an artist.

Context: Reflection, research and critical thinking.

This has became stronger in part four as I have come to understand how vital critical thinking and reflection is in my textiles practice. I feel this is a new muscle that I have developed but need to continue exercising it for it to became stronger. This is an area of continuous work for me but one that I have learnt to enjoy and no longer dread!