Project five has taught me that the placement of my work can change the context of my work.

It has been interesting to be able to experiment with placing my collar in different locations and in different ways. To be able to experiment with the different interpretations in context. The same piece but depending on where I place it – different art. I found this mind blowing and very exiting. I enjoyed learning about how to manipulate the context of one of my pieces (my submissive collar) which opened my mind to new ideas and new prospects. My collar being a large interactive installation was a concept that I would never have come up with if it wasn’t for this exercise. It allowed me to come out of my usual way of thinking and the rewards are obvious. I have also enjoyed learning about composition. The golden ratio was an eye opener an one that once you see it you can’t un-see. It help me study and understand composition and how I can implement it in my work. In everything: photography, drawings samples etc. I can now see that my need to make things pretty has now changed to wanting my work to be engaging ( this is a big breakthrough for me). I have also became more confident in talking about composition – this was an area were I doubted myself as I was worried about the right terminology ,the correct lingo. I have come to understand the importance of stopping my making process and take just as much time analysing and critiquing the composition of my work; to get a better and more interesting result. Project 5 and 6 are less about the making. I have less to show my tutor in terms of samples, but I have more evidence of my critical thinking which I think is what my work was lacking in in the past.

It took me a while to understand the methodology presented by my course material. It has became a natural way of working for me now – I am no longer as impulsive in my making. Above is my reconfigured sample 4.3 already a much improved version of my original sample below. More interesting and a better composition. I would of not been able to archive this without the diagram set out in my course work, I have learnt to analyse what I see.

In part 1 to 3 I learnt how to get my ideas from different sources. In part four I have learnt about making my ideas and how it is just as important to examine my work and do some critical thinking putting it all down on paper so that I can then reflect on it. This helps me understand what works and what needs changing so that then I can refine my work. By following this methodology I have been surprised at the outcomes and new ideas. My work hasn’t come to a conclusion as my synthesis/refinement has brought me back to the beginning – Ideas/concept. It has lead me to the idea of a corset. Bringing me back to the beginning of the methodology; a new idea, a practical response and so it all starts again!

I have learnt that a creative process is like a circle ⭕️ that keeps on expanding

will it ever end?