Overall, I was happy with Rebecca’s feedback. I found her comments very helpful. The phrase that sticks out the most in my mind is ‘ make less and analyse and critic what I am doing or trying to do’ do this with drawing and writing. I do have the habit of making and then thinking. I know why I do things and it’s not just out of instinct of knowing what works, it’s through making and playing while doing mistakes, that I learn and make decisions. In this module I am to demonstrate my processes through critical thinking so I understand why Rebecca is suggesting for me to do less and write about my process and decision making.

Another point for me to improve is to talk about composition. It seems so obvious! Why haven’t I done that? I make decisions all the time but I suppose I expect the viewer to read my mind. Sometimes I feel that by pointing out why I decided on a composition is stating the obvious. I must get into the habit of talking about composition and questioning other options and putting it on paper. So the impresión I get from my tutors comments is that I have no problems with having ideas and the making process but that there is room for improving my critical thinking when it comes to my work.

On the positive side Rebecca complemented my work by saying it was playful and exploratory and that it was obvious that I was linking in my primary research with other artists with my work. Rebecca also complemented my blog by saying that it was visually pleasing.

Onwards and upwards! …Hopefully