I have always been aware of how location or the way a piece of work is presented can change the perception and understanding off it. I am very excited about this exercise as it gives me permission to play with different options and possibilities to present one of my pieces from part three in different locations and talk about how it changes and why.

I started by selecting my collar and thought about the story behind it. It made perfect sense to photograph it as wearable art or a fashion accessory. I thought long and hard about who would model this piece and I started looking at everyone around me. I work in a shop with women so I found myself thinking about their looks, styles, personalities and even facial and body structure. I wanted someone beautiful with personality but also strong and edgy. My theme as you know by now is personal experience; how my holidays as a child in Spain influenced my love for nature. This theme developed into using recycled wasteful everyday materials that damage our environment. The collar became a symbol of a passive partner who with her reckless consumerism behaviour, ignores the impact on the environment resulting in ruining Coral reefs, climate change and more.

I decided on Charlotte, a work mate who was up for dressing up and walking in my local town with her face full of make up. I was blessed in many ways as I had a beautiful but cold sunny day. I had already thought of location. In my town there is a beautiful church with a very old grave yard. I thought the grave yard could be a symbol of the death of nature and how the consumer ignores it almost in a arrogant and cocky way. I wanted to archive an editorial look, something you might see in a fashion magazine. I took many photographs taking advantage of the light and location. I felt inspired by the film Mother and it gave me the idea to link nature with religion and destruction-playing with an oxymoron.

With this first image I think that although pretty it is not showing the collar clearly and it makes Charlotte look gentle and soft (not the image I want). It also bothers me that the stain glass window is to high and I couldn’t take advantage of the beautiful image which is not centred, so the composition appears weak. I like the light shining on one side of Charlottes face and body.

The two images above are very beautiful! But they are still not what I wanted. I enjoy how I styled Charlotte. I found a wedding dress in a second hand shop for £5. I wanted Charlotte in a wedding dress symbolising innocence, beauty, and someone desired and submissive. The fishnet tights are a naughty and sexy touch while at the same time trying to make the look more edgy. I used doctor Marten boots to add a touch of fun and even a hint of rebellion. I also like the fact that doctor Martens are made with tyres. If I am critiquing the composition of this photo I wished that I had placed Charlotte better on the tomb, so that she had been in the center of the door. I also would of captured the top of the church in the photo instead of cropping it. I like the colours of this photograph as it is in keeping with my original colour pallet. I find the fact that Charlotte is sitting on a tomb in such a confident and dismissive manner challenges the image.

Above, this image shows my collar well. It is a very romantic and beautiful image. It almost reminds me of the lady of Shallot. I wish that I had been able to capture this image without my shadow. I like the gold tones of this image and the light in her face. The makeup is in my colour pallet and it goes well with the organza on the collar. I think I have archived an editorial look but this image is not conveying the message of my theme, even though it does show my collar well!

I carried on experimenting and this time I think the outcome fits better with my theme. In this picture Charlotte looks rebellious, defiant, while also being enticing and inviting. She sits above a tomb not worrying about the consecuentes of who she might offend. The picture as a whole is something you might see in an album cover. Below, I changed the filter and it instantly gave the image a different mood, a more playful one.

The images above are very editorial, I like everything about them. It shows Charlotte’s confidence and beauty as well as her beautiful make up. I like my collar against her face and how the light shines through it creating a shimmery effect. The composition is strong and dreamy. She is the submissive partner who closes her eyes to her consumerism behaviour, ignoring the damage she leaves behind. She appears to be fulfilling, a dream! But in reality she is destructive and reckless.

This is my stage 4 photo as I think it depicts my story and theme best while showing my collar beautifully. I think my favourite thing about this image is how I have captured the light in Charlotte. She look radiant and strong. Her hair and skin are golden and flawless. I have captured the colour of her eye shadow. I like that you can see the copper shining and the organza just looks magical reflecting different colours thus adding a touch of magic!

I decided to display my collar on a blank wall as if it was displayed in a museum. This piece was never designed to be a piece of art on a wall. The piece changes immediately! It becomes less fluffy or dreamy. Displaying it in this way has resulted in a more industrial look, you are able to see the structure of the piece clearer and the copper metal has taken a center stage – a stronger presence. I think the composition is well balance and simple; four scourers with equal organza ribbons in between. In my view this image lacks interest, maybe if I add some texture on the wall to make it look like it was displayed in a warehouse? I don’t know! I tried inverting the colours just to see what the effect would be. I think it gives a 3d effect and you are able to see the lines of the crochet wire. It gives the ilusión that my collar is displayed in a black box with lights inside the collar, very interesting! That instantly gives this item an interesting visual experience. I like this very much.

Adding colour and texture to the wall also works as it looks like it’s hanging from one of Frida Kahlo’s walls in her house (I wish). I like the hues in this image as again they are earthy so therefore in keeping with my theme and colour palette. I enjoy how the colour on the wall is patchy and uneven, creating a rustic feel. Below, I added a frame and changed the colour of the collar creating an illusion that it is a 3d painting. I think this looks very interesting. I love the colour combination. It looks fresh and contemporary. I imagined the frame to be made of glass to give it a modern clean look, it is a similar concept to what Howard Hoskins did when he painted a frame as part as his canvas.

Here is where you need imagination. Imagine my collar being a huge installation in a museum (the Tate modern will do 😋). So I decided to take a photo of my collar in the bath. It is a very unorthodox place, one it has never been intended for. The pros of this was good lighting and lots of space to photograph. The porcelain bath helps the light bounce creating space around the collar. The image is less cluttered (note to myself this is a good place to photograph my work in the future). I then filled the bath with water to see if the organza would move and create an interesting effect. I like the water bubbles but apart from that there is not much change to my collar. It still looks like a fashion accessory. I suppose you can see the shape of the copper scourers better.

I then inverted the colour and imagined the piece was a huge installation in the Tate where people could walk in. The installation has changing lights to create an interesting mood, a sensory one. It would be more of an experience if there was voices talking about consumerism and it’s consequences to our world. Ok, I admit these images show how much of a novice I am to editing but hopefully you get the idea. This could actually be fun! The scourers would take a very industrial and sculptural effect. The light would shine through creating different shimmers and shadows. My piece has stopped looking like a fashion item and looks more like a huge installation, it has became an interactive one.

below- well… this is the point of fun madness! A huge installation of a bath with a sculpture of my collar where people can swim and touch the metal wire. This completely changes my piece to a more architectural one. I don’t really like this idea as for me it is not aesthetically pleasing, what is the point of it? What does my collar have to do with a bath? I shall move on as I don’t think there is any improving this one.

I then had my husband drive me to my local forest. I wanted to see how my collar would look amongst trees. Following the craze of yarn bombing, a similar concept.

My collar almost disappears and takes on a more organic shape, the copper colour blends in with the wood and the blue organza disappears with the sky and the sun. I suppose for this location to work I would have to have a few more collars to show repetition and rhythm and take advantage of the the space.