Part three has been very interesting as I have come to understand so much about the way I work. I have come to rely on my artist research so much that I find myself unconsciously craving more and more. Looking at other artist and researching the way they work feeds my imagination and knowledge. This research gives me a good base and inspires me to put ideas into practice. I find that the more time I spend on researching the stronger my foundations for building my creativity. I think this part of the course has strengthened my research skills as I find myself reading magazines, watching online talks, using Instagram and Pinterest to absorbe and learn from others who I admire. I have literally learn to steal like an artist. I feel like I am a sponge at the moment! Absorbing ideas and exploring them with different media.

My contextual awareness has grown in this part of the course. I now understand where my ideas have come from and how I have developed them. I still find it hard to record every step and to communicate my ideas to others but I think there is an improvement as I continue to develop my critical thinking. I still need to work on practicing my critical thinking so it becomes second nature – the more I critic my work and the work of others the more I will learn and understand different creative processes and will became more aware of my influencers. This is evident in my collar: by researching different artist and allowing myself to take inspiration from them I have come to understand more about myself. I have embraced what I have always seen as a weakness – me having the need to make things pretty- and worked with it understanding why I do it and in doing so finding and strengthening my theme and hopefully making my voice stronger. I feel that In this part of my course I have had to un-rubble myself to understand my creative thinking and find new ways, exiting ways!

I do believe that by exploring different textiles techniques I have generated some very interesting ideas that I could carry on exploring further. It has also taught me new techniques like manipulating fabrics. I have learnt to make samples allowing them to be ideas and not have the need to finish them. I have finally learnt that at this stage I am recording ideas and there isn’t a need to over display them. Coming up with a Mood board has helped me come up with primary ideas which have evolved as I have experimented with different techniques and media.

I think an area of strength is my ability to push an idea further and allow myself to explore different media. An area of weakness is the way I doubt myself, in doing so I waste valuable time. I am learning to be more confident and I am aware of the advantages of taking risks. I also struggle with managing how much time I should I spend on certain work. I sometimes have so many ideas that I get sidetracked and loose focus. I am learning to be more ruthless and select earlier on in the process the ideas that I find more challenging and that I would like to develop, discarding the rest or putting them aside for another time.

I am also surprised as one of my fears was that I wouldn’t be able to write these self-appraisals, but they are becoming a very important part of my creative thinking as they help me understand how I am evolving in my textiles practice as as a person and as a whole. May I also point out how much my writing has improved! English is my second language and I never knew how much writing one has to do for a textiles degree. All in all, I am learning loads! I still struggle with sketching although this has improved. I find myself enjoying sketching and doing it in my spare time. I have been more experimental and may I say boulder. This is evident in a portrait that I did of my children( bellow) and my submissive portraits (also below).