with this exercise I started by collecting different fabrics that somehow fitted with my theme or colour pallet. With this first sample I chose light fabrics in tones of grey, mustard yellow and a bit of grey organza. I started by cutting strips and holes in the fabric to archive a fray and distressed look. I wanted the tones of this sample to reflect the arid country side in Spain. I like the un-even stripes. I decided to gather the fabric with a shirring method to add more interest to the sample.

I carried on experimenting, not really knowing or planing what I would do, just cutting and joining to create a new sample. The sample above is not really fitting in with my theme colour pallet but does remind me of the land in Spain as if you would see it from a plane, the land being harvest.

I carried on experimenting trying to archive different textures, this sample works well as the colours are true to my colour pallet. I like the different layers and the effect of the lace on top of the yellow.

Above- I cut strips of fabric and joined them together with crochet, creating an un-even random pattern. I like the elasticity of this sample as the fabrics are a combination of cotton and lycra. I am not really sure if stitching this sample on to organza works or adds any value to the sample, I was working on the idea of mixing heavy with delicate creating a contrast. In this case I am not sure it adds any value.

I decided to go back to what I really enjoyed on previous exercises and my earlier research of the artist Rowan mesh. I started thinking of his huge installations and exiting shapes. I went back to my copper wire and crochet a combination of grey wire, grey and blue wool. I enjoy the mixture of mat and shiny and even a touch of glittery wool. The light travels and hits the metal creating different shades and tones. I enjoy the shape and how it can be flattened or made into a 3D sculpture. This sample is versatile as it could be made into a big installation allowing people to walk through it or in a smaller scale it can be used as a fashion accessory like sleeves, trouser legs or even made into boots.

Above a sketch of one of my samples, I like the different shapes and textures in this sketch, I think it creates an interesting pattern. I took the pattern and experimented on photoshop. I like the result.

With all the sample making I took time to sketch them, by sketching them I could study the shapes in further detail and reflect on what I was doing. Sketching my work helps me understand the lines and shapes and sometimes come up with something interesting; like new shapes and patterns.

I experimented more with my copper wire and created a mesh. I then used the smocking technique and added pearls randomly. This sample reminded me of the pattern in the water when the sun hits. I then tied organza ribbons to the sample to see what the effect would be.

The effect is completely different, it’s softer not so geometric you can’t see the lines as clear. In this case I think I prefer the original geometric effect.

I then started experimenting with copper scourers, just as they come – thinking about my research on the ‘beautiful maths of coral’ I was trying to use wasteful materials that are not biodegradable and that we use constantly and don’t think about the consecuente of when we throw them in the bin. I have this habit of making ugly objects pretty, it’s part of me, of who I am. It’s a part that sometimes irritates me as I tend to soften things. I sometimes would like to be more edgy. The point of all this experimentation and critical thinking is so that I learn about myself and my work and push my work – to be able to come out with more exiting and hopefully innovative outcomes. I joined the scourers with blue wool to fit in with my colour pallet and then tied in some organza and shaped it like bows. I enjoy the contrast of a scratchy metal textile with the softer dreamier and transparent organza. I decided to shape it into a collar an ornamental collar. I looked up the word collar in the dictionary and it has several meanings:

  • clinical collar, a distinctive collar used by clergy of some Christian religious denominations
  • Collar ( BDSM), a device of any material placed around the neck of the submissive partner in BDSM
  • Collar (clothing) , the part of a garment that fastens around or frames the neck
  • Collar (jewellery) and ornament on the neck
  • Collar (order), a symbol of membership in various chivalric orders
  • Ruff (Clothing), type of collar worn in Western Europe from the mid-sixteen century to the mid-seventy century
  • Slave collar

My collar is a symbol of our slavery to consumerism and waste, I am the submissive partner when I don’t think about the consequences of my waste; allowing my future and my children’s world to be abused by my reckless actions. On the other hand it is also a pretty ornament on my neck, 😉

img src=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_4606-1.jpg&#8221; class=”size-medium wp-image-4233″ height=”670″ width=”594″><


-above- If I can’t see it’s not happening! This photo illustrates how we behave as a society turning a blind eye to the damage we are causing to our beautiful planet.


-Above- a sketch of me as a submissive slave to my consumerism behaviour.

Too deep you may think?

… Edgy enough!

< img src=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_9821-1.jpg&#8221; class=”size-medium wp-image-4267″ height=”2975″ width=”3048″><<

-After reflecting on my work for this exercise, I went back and experimented some more. I did a line-drawing of half of face. A stencil on a clear plastic. I then made a collage on photoshop layering my original photograph with my drawing.


I Then did the drawing with stitch on blue organza.


I experimented with the camera to show the transparency of this sample. I like the photo below as it appears to tell a story – me as a submissive consumer crying over the memories of my beloved Country, Spain. I reverted the colours to change the effect and make the image more abstract.

I am happy with my Theme and the journey it has taken me!