This first sample is interesting for me as in my head I was remembering the purpose of the project ‘The beautiful math of coral’ – to awake awareness of how waste affects coral reefs. I started this sample weaving pieces of wasteful materials like; scraps of fabrics, left over pieces of plastic gutter netting, old iPhone chargers and bits of left over wool and felt. I consciously tried to keep to my colour pallet adding orange only as a accent colour and keeping it simple with blues and greys. I really enjoy the concept of using wasteful materials to create a textile. I think this is the only way to go for the future, specially after learning that China doesn’t want to recycle our wasteful plastics. I think that we need to take responsibility for our own waste and re-use it to create new materials. I know this is not a new concept and already some fabric companies and designers are doing it but I feel that it should be made compulsory. This subject is of great importance to me.

Above (second sample) – using old scraps of organza and wrapping it up around lavender and weaving them, creating a grid. I like the translucent effect and the gentleness of this sample, it also releases a gentle aroma of lavender almost transporting me back to the country side in Spain. Of course this textile is not at all practical as every time you bend it, it releases fragments of lavender so it becomes a delicate sample. It’s precisely because of it’s fragility that I like this sample. I enjoy samples that will decompose naturally.

Third sample – I used gutter netting as a grid for weaving different materials like: ribbons, fabric’s etc. I shaped the netting into a wave structure and added buttons to add accents of colours keeping it true to my colour pallet. This sample is the opposite to the samples I did with crochet. In the samples in exercise 3.3 the fabric became the base of the sample making the sample heavier. In this sample the netting is lighter because the fabric and ribbon are not the main structure which gives a completely different look and effect to this sample even though I have used similar materials.

fourth sample – is one of my favourites as I used a copper metal scrubbing pad. I cut it up open and weaved a few strips of blue and grey organza. I really love how I can see the wire’s weave and the contrast of the frayed organza making this sample a gentle interesting moldeable structure. I really enjoy the colours of this sample, fitting in perfectly with my theme.

Fifth sample – Using the gutter net again as a grid for weaving I used bit’s of scrubbing pads in blues and grey’s and added buttons in my colour pallet. I weaved them loosely creating a wavy effect so that this sample would have a 3D effect rather than being completely flat. I like the unpredictability side of this sample.

Above- photo of the fourth sample to me my most interesting and surprising sample in this exercise as I could not predict the outcome if I hadn’t experimented with odd materials like washing up scrubbers.