Wow this is so amazing and so inspiring!

This is about two Australian women that got three continents involved in a project that includes the subject of maths and marine biology with a tradicional woman’s craft- crochet.The two women are environmental activists. The project was archived by getting women all around the world to crochet hundreds of crochet models resulting in 10.000 hours of labor!!! (I find this crazy and amazing). The two sisters Christine and Margaret Weitheirm were worried about the damage being done to coral reefs from global warming pollution. The coral reef was six feet across and the tallest model was two to three feet high. These models were done with recycled materials to highlight the plight of the world’s polluted waterways. My first impressions of this piece of work is how inteligente it is! How it involves so many deep subjects like; marine biology, maths and environmental studies. My first thoughts were fingers up to all those people that think textiles is a dumb subject to study – that it only involves a little bit of embroidery. It made me think of how far you can take a craft like crochet and make it into something so much deeper and complex. It made me go back to de Waal’s quote in part 1.1

‘Craft is the great otherness in our culture. It’s little understood. It’s extraordinary relevant and powerful. It goes deep into people’s lives. It’s catalyst. It changes the world.’

I think this is true of this work! It is educational in so many levels. I have been reminded of how craft can speak and help so many people and how it can get people and cultures together. For me it has inspired me to use different recycled materials to do future projects and exercises like; plastics, metals etc. Specially recycled materials found in everyday waste.

Truly inspirational!