After reading an researching about ‘the beautiful math of coral reef’ I felt inspired and began exercise 3.3. I used a variety of materials found all around the house. The first one is made with netting for gutters and some wrapping paper ribbon. I crochet the ribbon into the netting creating an interesting contrast. The ribbon is shinny with a copper effect. I think this fits in with my theme as the copper is inspired by the different shades of the wheat in the Spanish country side; sometimes looking shiny and coppery when the sun reflects on it. I like the flexibility this media gives me as it bends well and can be shaped into a 3D structure.

The second sample is brown cardboard used for packaging. It was hard to crochet this material as it breaks easily but I like the rusty look of this sample, also fitting in with the brown of my colour palette and my theme. The brown represents the arid and dry parts of my memories in the Spanish country side.

The third sample (from left to right top row) – I enjoy this sample as I used the organza that I used for previous samples and crochet it into strips of gutter netting,mixing it with black paper ribbon. I like the contrast of the sheer frayed organza and the black netting. The combination is interesting as it allows me to molde the sample and if I wanted I could create a 3d structure. I also introduced accents of grey organza, following my chosen colour pallet and keeping to my theme; which at this point has evolved to a nature one.

The fourth sample (second down from left) this was a fun one! I used washing line string. This looks like an organic shape that you may find in the sea. I love the colour even if it doesn’t really fit in with my theme. I really enjoy the rubbery texture of the washing string and the thickness – it gave me ideas of how I could use this for future projects (this is fun).

The fifth sample- I really enjoy the texture of this one! The photo doesn’t really make it justice. I used a wool that is fluffy and very soft – not really sure what it’s made off, as I bought it in a second hand shop. The colours are inspired by my colour pallet. I mixed the wool with plastic (clear plastic) the combination of fluffy wool and plastic is very interesting to the touch, it also gives this sample elasticity.

The sixth sample- I used the paper ribbon and crochet in a circular motion.This created a cone shape resembling a volcano or mountain shape. I like the metallic effect of the coppery ribbon.

The seventh sample- I had a piece of plastic trimming with round diamonte effect stones. I crochet this loosely as it was stiff and easy to snap. This sample has a nice weight to it but is not very flexible. The grey fits well with my chosen palette and the texture fits in with my theme as it reminds me of the bubbles in the sea.

The eighth sample in the picture is a closer picture showing the detail of sample number five.

The ninth sample- for this sample I mixed a grey wool and the copper ribbon creating almost a chain or a figure of eight. I really like the contrast of shinny and dull.

The tenth sample, is similar looking to number seventh. This sample is made with silver paper ribbon. I like the flexibility and how it has a spring effect making it easier to work with than number seven.

Eleventh sample – This sample I really like as it shows the crochet stitches and created a bendable structure. It would work well in a big structure and it could be moulded into a sculpture, loads of possibilities with this sample.

Twelfth sample- the white of the sea, the fluffy clouds when lying reading on a towel, on lazy days on holidays- this is a simple sample using strips of clear bin bags used at work. This sample fits well in my theme.

This exercise has been more enjoyable than I thought as it has enable me to “play” and experiment with materials and media that I might of not of tried before – as sometimes I have a preconceived idea of how things will turn out. It has reminded me of the possibility’s of working with different materials and the importance of questioning and experimenting with unconventional everyday materials, as this might result in innovative interesting outcomes.