My chosen theme that I decided to work with was a personal experience. I had two ideas floating in my head within “my personal experience”. The first idea was ‘the five stages of grief’ after all, I have been experiencing them lately so I thought I would try and put my feelings and experiences to good use.

After experimenting with photoshop, this is the result of my five stages of grieving mood board. I have chosen images that reflect loneliness, sorrow, hurt, anger and acceptance. I think I have captured the mood well in this board. I enjoy the tones of the colours chosen and the texture and feeling of the stone in the angel sculptures. The hues have a wintery feel. I like the expression of the hands in the middle image. I played around with photoshop trying to change the mood to a more dreamy one, almost heavenly like.

The outcome was interesting and I got a pretty colour palette from it. It has changed the mood to a heavenly one. Thinking about the whole concept – I think it is probably a heavy topic for me to work with at the moment. I decided to choose a lighter and happier personal experience; my holiday’s camping as a teenager around Spain. I have fond memories of the freedom, fresh air, water, mountains, sun cream, fresh fruit’s and adventurers. Long walks, looking at the blueness of the sky, endless sun sets, summer rain and making friends are all happy memories that I will cherish forever.

Above – my first attempt to my ‘holiday in Spain’ mood board. I was not convinced that the mood board expressed the feeling of freedom and youth so I tried another one.

I prefer this board as it evoques fun, a hippy look, travel and healthy eating with a touch of naive childhood fun. I also like the colour palette as it evoques a happy summer!

I played with different compositions just to explore the possibilities – still preferring the first one. I like the second one as it reminds me of the patchwork blankets I used to do as a child and also reminds me of the seventies. Below I have simplified the mood board by narrowing down the number of photographs. I added the images of water and Spanish architecture as these evoque the essence of holidays in Spain. The colour palette is less bright resulting in muted hues.

Using mind maps as a tool to put my ideas down worked well. It made me not look to deeply into things. It is a very simple way of putting my ideas down on paper and see them develop into other ideas. It’s so simple and obvious that I have never used it before 🤔, go and figure!

I have learnt about fashion prediction and how to find out the latest trends (findings in my sketch book). Some of it I have been doing unconsciously, instagram is a good tool for market research, fashion and colour predictions. It is important and advantageous to know how to predict trends, as that way you can be ahead of the game and make a successfully business. For me? I have never really been interested on following trends. I think by being sensitive to your environment and what is happening generally in the world you can more or less predict what people are going to want/need. Being in touch with bloggers, other companies, art and politics can give you a general picture. Still! Predicting trends is a job in it’s self and for that reason I would probably pay companies like trenshop, pattercurator and other trend forecasting websites to give me the information needed to go in the right direction.

One tool that I will not live without is Pantone’s fashion colour report (a colour Bible) it releases a fashion colour report for every season; giving designers ideas of shades and hues for free.