On Instagram I am following a fashion designer who has recently graduated, her name is Shahar Avnet born in Israel. Her work crosses the boundaries of art and fashion. Shahar Avnet uses fashion, drawing, collage and embroidery.

I feel inspired by her graduate collection as she uses her line drawing and develops it further in her designs. I am also inspired by the way she uses her personal experience in her work. Beautiful sketches of herself are translated into beautiful embroidery. Her pieces are haute couture made with the finest materials, hand made embroidery combined with Swarovski stones. I admire the way she has literally translated her sketch, thinking about what materials would work to translate the marks on her paper on to fabric, just beautiful! Her drawings remind me of some of Picasso drawings. Looking at Shahar’s work has made me more interested in line drawing and I feel that I should try sketching in this way to see what comes up.


In response to Shahar- Avnet work I sketched a quick portrait of me with stitch.

I called it ‘fibro&me’ it is simply an idea at this point. I decided to sketch half of my face as a representation of my constant brain fogginess since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I think there is room to be looser and maybe more abstract but I enjoy the simplicity of this sketch.

I experimented by changing the colour on photoshop just to make it more contemporary. I used the colour orange signifying danger or in this case pain. I then reversed the image on my photocopier and distressed the image by using acetate. This time I stitched my sketch with my hand held sawing machine using different coloured threads like orange, grey and purple to represent the different layers of fibromyalgia. Using the different colour threads was inspired by Claude Heath; in my research I learnt how he used different colours to represent the different stages of his drawing – in a similar way I have tried to do the same. Next time I would probably use more contrasting colours. I think the purple against the orange work well but on the other hand the orange doesn’t show as much but it adds texture to the sample ( all is not lost).

I often like the reverse of my work as it is less controlled and sometimes more interesting.