Exercise 2.1 Identity/labels – line drawing

After researching Elise Engler I am asked to generate a range of visual research that explores the theme of identity. Above is a photo of everything I have where Elise records all the items she owns. I find this amazing as she had the patience to draw every single item she owned in such detail, not forgetting the scale she did the drawings in (stamp size). Elise recorded the items of sixty five women; believing that in doing so she would capture the personalities of these women.

Like Elise’s work I was asked by my brief to record everyday mundane objects but this time with a continuous line, not lifting the pen at all from the paper. This was a tricky process as immediately I wanted to go back and fix the lines that wasn’t successful. I realised I also chose a difficult item to draw with one continuous line. It took several attempts for a control freak like me to accept that I had less control of the finished product.

I then decided to do my purse. These are items that I always carry in my bag. This method seems to be the thing at the moment as I see London fashion full of designers making garments constructed with line drawing. The outcome is simple but effective. Less controlled and sometimes more interesting.

Layered image

I then drew around my hair brush (another invaluable item in my bag) this time using different colour biro this creates a layered image. I like the simpleness of this exercise it reminds me of what Michael Graig- Martin does in his work. Simplifying everyday items making them minimal.

I chose Items in my bag that I thought said something about me. My sketch book shows I am a creative person, it also works as a recording of places and things that I see acting as a time capsule; similar to Elise Engler when she recorded broadway. My pretty but useful pen, shows that I like items that are decorative as well as useful. My travel water colours – for days where I can stop and take a moment to practice my sketching. My lip gloss and lipstick act as instant pick me ups -giving away my vane side. My designer glasses: showing I like fashion and specially accessories. My paint brush is very important as not only it is useful for the obvious (painting) but also to hold my hair up when I have no hair band. My store cards: These say a lot about me. First thing to note is the way that I have displayed the Liberty’s card on the top. A sign that this could be my favourite shop which in it’s self can tell a lot about what kind of person I am. The customer in liberty likes pattern, travel and luxury items ( oh yes that would be me!). There is many other cards which would give information of what shops I like to shop in. My next item is my iPhone: I have so many photos and information that could say so much about me and my personality, it’s scary! I depend on this item for my camera, e-mail and face timing my love ones in other country’s. Last- a necklace I bought at work for my uniform, probably giving away that I am a girly girl.

I started drawing around the items. This was simple, so simple that I have never done this before [maybe when I was a kid]. It reminded me that sometimes these methods are the most effective. I decided to present my items in a simple manner just fitting around the page neatly.

This work relates to Engler’s ‘everything in my bag’ because I am drawing personal items that I carry in my bag everyday and that say something about me. From the shapes to the colours I choose to how I use them, it all says something about my personality. The drawing in it’s self is a document or a visual list of everyday items to explore my identity. This is something I have never thought of doing before. I do have a tendency to look at people’s shoes or socks without looking at the person and try and guess what their identity is. Maybe I could start recording socks and shoes in busses and underground to explore identity too. 🤔😊…