I have learnt how artist like Tracey Emin and Martin Greed use writing to inspire their work. In this exercise I am asked to work with tex and explore the qualities of line as a vehicle for developing ideas and expressing emotions. I started by writing a letter to my daughter and asked her to reply with a different colour pen on top of my writing ( superimposed) I then asked my son and my other daughter to write on top. This action distorted the tex and created a series of lines almost scribbles.

It looked messy and some of the writing got lost as the colour of the biro wasn’t as strong as the others so I experimented by inverting the colour on photoshop. This process made the tex more interesting for me as the lines of the tex were clearer and also some powerful words where popping up like: memories, family, empowering etc.

I was then asked to cut random words out and try different backings to see how this changed the feeling or/and create a further range of images. I tried with a plain blue background but I wasn’t really impressed about the outcome, it didn’t add any value to the image or make it any more interesting.

I then tried different textures like mat cardboard with a shredded texture but again I wasn’t exited by it in the slightest.

I kept experimenting with different papers and textures feeling a bit bored at this point. I then started cutting words unconsciously from a newspaper and began sticking them behind the random cuts on one of my letters. This action was giving my tex more meaning specially because unconsciously I had picked words that were connected to the feeling of my letter. The letter was to my daughter informing her that her books for her uni course had arrived and she had replied expressing how exited she was about studying a subject that she has always secretly been passionate about. I was starting to get exited about this exercise. I then inverted the image to be able to accentuate the distorted tex.

This image became much more exiting to me as already it was starting to express emotion. I got better qualities of line and my chosen words were becoming more powerful as they were taking center stage.

I then got lost in my experiments and proceeded to distort the writing even further by photocopying and then add more marks and then photocopying again. At this point my photocopier was taking a pounding.

I looked at other artist like Jette Clover a Danish artist who used her influences as a journalist to inspire her work. I loved her quilts using news papers headings and mixed media. I was inspired by the way Jette clover used writing in her work and experimented by mixing news paper with my writing. I wrote on top of a magazine page in Spanish and then wrote a poem of Shakespeare (a fairy song) and printed it to see what would come out. I then inverted the image as sometimes I prefer the colours that come out from this process. I was so exited at the result. This process had created different blocks with different tones and dimensions of not only colour but tex and lines. At this point I got hungry for more and wanted to carry on experimenting.

I randomly took another page of a magazine and started writing loosely and big; in different coloured highlighter pens and then enhanced the image using photoshop. I enjoy the colours of the image below and the way some words are more prominent than others. I played with different hues on photoshop creating different moods and effects. I think I still prefer the original in this case.

I then took the original and reversed the image on acetate and then printed it on paper. I love this effect. The writing has changed and the feeling of the writing is what remains. I enjoy the way the fabric and the writing have merged into each other and some of the paint has been left dripping. I carried on experimenting on photoshop changing the colours: reversing them, using accent colours like yellow or green.

I think this is one of my favourite images as the words have became so distorted that all that’s left are elegant lines. It is also a contrast to my over use of colour. I used adobe capture to create repeated patterns just for fun.

I took a fashion magazine and ripped a random page out and wrote Shakespeare’s poem again in different colours. By now I am totally addictive to the experimentation in this exercise and then followed the same process as above. I enjoy the way the image and the writing take “a back seat” and neither one or the other are the main focus, they both became one pattern. Feeling.

I then took my original letter and developed the idea by using different media. In the image below I took Vivíanne Westwood advise on Instagram where she is promoting buying less to be more environmentally friendly. In this short video she explained how she made a t-shirt with a toothbrush and paint, this gave me the idea to write my letter with a toothbrush and ink. This processs resulted in a looser almost graffiti effect. I tried this prossses on paper and on calico and then decided to enhance the image on photoshop.

I enjoy the image above. I love the fluorescent colours. I do see the influence of my research into Cy Tombly in this image. It has the same feeling as the image below from Salalah.

With my second letter I decided to work with wire. I took some main words from the letter to my daughter and shaped the wire to replicate them. Obviously without the right tools the words come out naturally distorted but that adds to the effect. I used the colours that we originally used with pens. To keep the words together in the order that they are presented in, I stitched them up on card. I imagined this piece being done in fluorescent lights similar to some of Tracie Emin’s work.

I decided to do my third letter on calico and do the writing on my old singer sewing machine. It is hard to write with a sewing machine when you don’t have an embroidery foot (something I will have to invest in). I decided to write the paragraph in one continuous line. I didn’t really think about my choice of thread and just went ahead with it. In retrospect I probably should of used a black thread as it would of showed better, at the same time the fact that it isn’t clear is what makes it interesting as it’s created an illusion of writing. I like the crinkled calico as it adds a feeling of old, or even a nostalgic quality.