I decided to record one of my daily routines, traveling to work every morning. I realise it is a routine that I barely think about it anymore, I almost do it as a robot. So I took photos of each stage of my routine and then had them printed.

I then had to select the photos that told the story and the ones that were repetitive or of no value at all. I had taken over forty photos so to reduce the quantity was a hard task. Less is more ( I told myself)

I decided to take out the ones above. Some of them are blurry others are repetitive and probably of no benefit to the viewer. I also took away some of the people I see on the way for privacy reasons. I had forgotten to write the date and time of when I took the photos so at this point I went back to my iPad and it had recorded the time and date of each picture – this helped me make the final decision. In the beginning I didn’t really understand why I needed to record the time and date, but this gives me valuable information about my routine/ story. It tells me how long it takes me to get to a destination, and also the sequence of the photos.

I have chosen photos that give part of the story but leaves the viewer to imagine the rest, and realised that I’m attracted to the pictures that show me walking in different grounds and informing the viewer about the weather and the different stages of my journey.

I experimented with different ways that I could present my routine, in a circle, joining them with thread – that didn’t work as I had to many photos and became fiddly. I thought of maybe presenting them along the map of my journey and put each photo near the location I was in . I chose not to for simple reasons like the scale of the paper. I decided to do a concertina book as it is simple and easy to navigate and it takes less space once folded.

I think he concertina presentation works well as it is easier to see the sequence of my routine.

I then had to chose three of my images and cut random sections from each image and then layer them over one another. I looked at different configurations to see which one worked and why.

I was surprised at how much I like this first attempt. I enjoy the contrast of the markings of the road with the stop sign and the rose. It was looking like conceptual art. I started this exercise feeling a sense of dread and wondering what could possibly come out of it. It has certainly challenge my first thoughts and I now see that I have been stuck in my way of working witch at times has stifled my creativity or posible outcomes. Ideas and processes is doing a great job of unraveling some of my preconceived ideas and it has already helped me broaden my mind and creativity.

The image above is ok, I’m not in love with it. I like the rose against the cracked markings of the road but it doesn’t look as interesting as my first image.

I am not blown away about this image either but I don’t dislike it. I don’t find it visually interesting and I don’t think the proportions work. The three images are the same size so none of them jump out.

I think these images became very repetitive, nothing new! still not as visually interesting as the first one. Ore maybe I’m missing something?

The images above feel to me like different variations of the same. I am loosing interest in them as I am not coming up with anything new. I wonder if this process works for me? Maybe not with the photos I have chosen.

The next part of the exercise was asking me to take one of my original photos in my book and photocopy it to acetate. It is the first time I have done this and I found it exiting as I wasn’t sure of what was going to come out. It felt weird not being in control of what I was doing, not knowing what was going to come out next. All these questions in my head, is it right? I my reading the exercise properly? What if it doesn’t look right? I then realised that I worry to much and control my creations possibly to much. When did I became this control freak! My Tutor was right in my feedback when she said … to get the most of ideas & processes I must loosen up!

Back to my photocopying on acetate the outcome was a blurry not a defined photo. The blurriness adds interest and texture; specially where the ink has been dragged on the page. I was most interested in the wet ink on the acetate. I enjoyed seeing it bubbled up when leaving it in the air for seconds. I started to realised the many possibilities using this method. I can print on fabric, I could drag the ink with a feather and create patterns and then print them (loads of options). Shame I run out of acetate!

Back to the exercise Lorna. I then inverted the colours on my photo using photoshop to see the outcome.

Immediately I like what I see. The image has became more abstract more conceptual ?

The idea or concept is more important in this image, all the planing and decisions are made before hand and this is the outcome.

Alas! it might seem like I finally understand conceptual art. Come down Lorna! Don’t run before you can walk 😊


I then took the two images above and cut them both into strips of paper deconstruction the images to make a new one. I proceeded to arranged them together in different ways constructing a new drawing.


I enjoy the simple lines of this image but wasn’t completely sure about it. Was it to simple?


I then cut a strip from the middle and placed it in the middle, I still wasn’t sure …


I cut some more and added two more strips on the ends. I found this composition more visually interesting but I can’t really explain why?


I carried on deconstructing the image by photocopying it on acetate (my new found friend) I was very pleasantly surprised and the image to me looks more interesting. I enjoy the texture and the undefined lines.


I decided to add more texture and stitched some of the scares I like this effect.

The page had some spray glue and felt sticky so I decided to cut it and glue it to a silver background


I didn’t like the outcome and felt I should of left it how it was.

In an attempt to save my image I printed the previous image on another piece of paper and used it as a background. Interesting result! I still like the texture; I feel that that is a success but I think I over complicated my image somewhat. Oh well! I have learn a lot in the process and at this point it’s all about the idea not the finished product and that’s what I need to remind myself.

< img src=”https://

my images of a bus. I added white oil paint to hide parts of the image. I enjoy the outcome as it has added a different dimension to the image. The oil paint is un-even and texturised in contrast to the photograph.


Above-inverted the colours of the image using photoshop making the image more abstract.


Considering I was dragging my feet with this exercise I have enjoyed not knowing what The outcome was going to be. I realised that it is more about the process. I have enjoyed the deconstructing of an image to then construct a new one – that was fun! The technique of cutting parts of a photograph and placing them on top of one another to make a new image didn’t excite me or necessarily work for me this time. Photocopying on acetate was my favourite thing and a enlightenment, I will probably explore this more in time. I have enjoyed experimenting and letting go of my preconceived ideas and am aware of my need to do this more in future.


Above sample of the same exercise using white paint to block some of the image.