• Demonstration of technical skills: materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills.

I think my desing and composition skills are one of my strongest points, I do wonder if I spend enough time observing. I have been more conscious of the fact that I need to pace myself and take more time experimenting, it’s an old going battle!

I havent felt the opportunity to use different materials in part one- it has beeen more about learning about different ways of capturing the influences around me and being inspired in different ways. Learning how other designers get ideas. 

  • Quality of outcome: Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts and communication ideas.

I have made an effort in presenting my work in a way that makes sense to the viewer. I still need more practice in expresing my ideas and my conceptualisation as I really stuggle with that. Logging everything in my sketch book in an order to show my development of ideas is something I continue to work hard at. I end up with different sketch books, some sketchbooksI can’t cut the pages out as I have drawings on each page so I try taking pictures and sticking them in my sketch book. I try and simplify how I comunícate my ideas for others to understand but sometimes I wonder if I need to elaborate more. In this part of my course I have learnt more about contextual art so I feel that I have expanded my knowledge.

  • Demonstration of creativity: Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of personal voice.

I have demonstrated my creativity clearly by the way I am able to use different media in different ways and interpret the exercises with my own voice. I think there is no dought I am inventive, this is demonstrated in my interpretation of my garden creating some fun lingerie. There is always more room for me to be experimental as this will take me down different paths and exiting outcomes.

  • Contex: Reflection, research and critical thinking.

I think this is an area that I need to focus on more. I do a lot of research and critical thinking unconsciously but again I am not very good at logging it all in my learning log. I end up with lots of note books and then forgetting where I have written all my work. I am very conscious of being more critical in my thinking and question things more. I do believe I am improving but still need to work harder at it. I am finding researching textiles artist a bit hard as there isn’t a lot of information about them on the net. This is the time for me to feel more confident about critiquing their work and that makes me feel insecure and uncomfortable. Voicing my opinions about other artist work and analysing it on my blog makes me want to cringe but I am understanding the importance of me doing so, so I am able to learn about their ideas and processes thus improving on mine.