For this exercise I am encouraged to use words to inspire further creativity, I looked at some words to inspire action.  Out of a list of  words created by Richard Serra (who placed it in his studio wall, so it was there for inspiration for when he reached a mental block). I selected 5 verbs  and was only allowed to work with paper. I had to interpret the verbs by manipulating the paper.
I chose the words

  • To drop
  • To simplify
  • To open
  • To knot
  • Of nature

I thought I was being ambitious with the ¨to simplify¨ as anyone who knows me would understand how much of a challenge that is for me. I found this exercise testing as I felt limited in expressing those verbs just with paper! No colour, no other media,  just paper!

  • To simplify.  I found this one tricky. For me this is as simplified as I could get 😂 I tried thinking about the space in bettween the lines and around; thinking about Martin Greed and his interview in you tube.

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To drop –

< a href=””>I tried thinking about the meaning of the word and followed it by an action.

  • To open

Of nature

< a href=””&gt;To knot

< a href=””&gt;<<<<<<<<
a lot to say about this exercise as I feel it is very self explanatory. I don't feel I have learnt much from it so maybe I am missing something ? 🤔 I decided to go back to my research; in particular to Martin greed's installation 'Mother' and his interview on you tube. I like how he makes words into sculptures and how he works with sound & music. In his interview he says; 'life is like a soup with music, Art, word, noises and feelings'. I tried hearing him as I was doing these exercises as I have a habit of complicating things. Not in this exercise…I simplified things.

I have simplified to much?