I must say when my brief asked me to research Martin Greed and look at his exibition Mother on you tube I really didn’t think I would like it, let alone enjoy it!

I listen to his interview again and again as everything he said made perfect sence. He begins by explaining why he has an  enormous word MOTHER revolving above people’s heads. He explained that he thinks that Mothers are the most important people and that’s why the word had to be big. I anderstood what he was doing. By making a word a sculpture he was setting the mood of the exibition. He had loads of different paintings working with space and sound. The space in between the paintings was just as important as it also sets the scene. He described how he thinks that he should concentrate on moving better and goes on to describe how painting is all about moving well. I also liked his description about seeing. He says that you can’t look at things without seeing something. Even with you’re eyes close you see black.

I learnt about other artist who use words in their art like;

  • Bruce Nauman – he is known. For his wordplay his most famous works are neon signs
  • Lawrence Weiner- He does words on walls.

Street art artist and graffiti artist have always used the power of letters and written words to attract attention.

  • Jon One – he uses Explosive Calligraphy and vibrant colours usually in oils or paint, acrylic on canvas. Jon One started started by painting the walls and trains of his home town.

One of my favourites is John Sokol.

  • John Sokol – is an American artist. He uses words straight from their works. He grafts the authors faces in writing. Authors like ‘Elizabeth hardwick as sleepless nights’ I find them so inspiring! His writing is very pretty.
  • Michael Volpicelli- very similar to John Sokol. He draws very detail portraits of people and animals with hand written words inspired by their life’s.
  • Laura Zombie- I love her work! She does street art, she often uses words in her painting in a playful way.
  • Zoe Buckman- Zoe does embroidery on vintage lingerie often playing with words and raising feminist issues using the contrast of the delicate and pretty lingerie with shocking and thought provoquing messages.

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