• Demonstration of technical and visual skills

Part five is a colourful vibrant and fresh  collection. With careful  consideration of colour aplication and exploration of many techniques like; weaving, 3d exploration drawing and embroidery. 

I have invested time and consideration in each piece working good together as a collection as well as stand alone pieces. I have concidered the composition in each piece making sure I reduced the colour palette within different samples and making sure I don’t overload the final samples. Each piece brings something unique to my collection.

I have used a variety of materials including my hand made soaps giving my collection a diversion into aromatherapy and healing fabrics.

    •  Quality of outcome 

    I have communicated my ideas well .  I have questioned what I was doing and have come out with some conclusions of my own. I have researched my favourite designer and applyed the same processes while still coming up with my own conclusions. My presentation is clear and not cluttered and it shows the connections in between samples.

    •  Demonstration of creativity

    I think I have been very brave with my use of colour and I have taken many risks in part five. I have developed my designs an have even expressed how I would use some of my textiles in fashion. My work stands out  amongst others because of the use of drawing and  vibrant colour aplication. I have used my creativity by experimenting with different media and thecniques. I am still developing my personal voice making me more confident in my practice.

      • Contex- reflection, research, critical thinking

      I think my contex is good. I still feel that I can get stronger. As I continue with my studies I will continue to get more confident and find ways to communicate and organise my research and link it in with my work. I struggle with feeling that I am reflecting to much and I don’t always record or log  my research & findings making it hard to comunícate it further down the line.