Wow! I can’t belive that am at the end of textiles as a Vocabulary! What a lovely journey it has been. I have learnt so much, I think that has became obvious in my work. I started with a love of colour and pattern but I feel that I was heavy handed with both. 

This course has taught me how to handle colour and be sensitive to what I see. I have learnt to look at other artist and apply their methods to my work but still keep my own voice and style. I have learnt how important it is to be aware of tradicional textiles as much as contemporary ones. I have learnt about various ways and techniques  of composing a pattern  (I still  need more practice) as well as other techniques like weaving.

More  importantly, I think I have learnt to stop and reflect, to evaluate what approach to take next. I have learnt to use different media and techniques and apply it to textiles.

Through this course, I can see my growth and development especially from part 3. Part 3 was a turning point for me as, after reading my review for part2, I felt I needed to record what I see and not what I imagine or want to see. Collette’s review was on target and helped me turn a corner.   

Looking back at what I have done for textiles as a Vocabulary to discover what I think my strengths are? (that is hard to answer): I think my strengths are colour  application and my ability to use different media and modify and apply them to my design. I am a very visual person so I value composition and the over all effect, which can also be a down side as I have a habit of wanting to stylise everything even in a simple sample. That may stifle experiments that could evolve accidentally. I have learnt the importance of keeping my sketch book up to date as it can show my ideas and record details of my learning that I might want to refer to in the future.

Another strength  that I have learnt through this course is my yarn concepts. I really enjoy these and they have been a complete suprise to me as never would  I have thought of doing them. Very enjoyable indeed!

I still need to record in my sketch book the different artist, shows, books,films and music that inspire my work every day. I think that would be a good practice for me -to stop and notice and record- but all in good time! I still have a long way to go.
Going forward I intend to stay with Oca and carry on studying, I’m hoping Collette will advice me on what course to choose next. I feel more confident in what I am doing and will carrry own designing my textiles and experimenting until I am ready to maybe start a little business. Of course I would love the oportunity to work for a textiles company like Sandersons or liberty’s but for now I will keep my feet firmly on the ground and keep learning.

I feel really lucky to have had Collette as my tutor; always pointing me in the right directions. I feel sad to have to finish with her tuition as it’s been so valuable to me. Thank you so much Collette you are the best!