This is the hard part:

 what pieces to choose for my final collection? At this point I feel that all my samples make a Collection and tie in together. The story and the colours make them connect to one another. In the end I have decided to choose the ones in the photo just because they are the ones that I feel show my learning and development through the whole of “textiles as a vocabulary” They show my drawings, pattern development and different skills and media: like  weaving, embroidery and design. These pieces are all joined by my chosen colour palette. In each piece the colours have been used in different proportions. 

After going away and reflecting again I have change my mind (once more) and decided to add two more samples to my capsule collection:the “waistcoat sample” and the Crystal beaded flowers. I think they  connect well  with the others and, as a capsule collection, brings out  my strengths.

I think the final capsule collection reflects the journey that textiles as a vocabulary has been taking me on. Each of these samples has its own characteristics but all sit well together. for instance,  in the first sample the proportion of blue is greater than the second one and the yellow just acts as  an accent colour. The second sample has been improved by adding some embroidery on alternative flowers ( I think that works well) I have been wanting to do this since I went to the graduate textiles exibition. Other examples of these samples working as a collection are the way the purple & pink hues have been aplied. In some of the samples they serve just as an accent colour and in others as the predominant hue. I am very happy with the last sample as, in looking at Tsumori Chisato’s work, I learnt so much, like pattern  composition and using my drawings for fashion textiles. I value my research, even the Chanel videos on line as they have open my eyes and senses to textiles construction and design. I think the last sample was a suprise to me as I totally loosen up and I wasn’t expecting such a good result.

There is other samples that didn’t work out how I would have liked. Like the one bellow:I added too much orange and overloaded the picture. As it is all a learning process I still added it to my sketch book to remind me of what didn’t go as well. 

Bellow is a video of my sketch book, the back ground music is tilted by Christine and the Queens; their music has been uplifting me and giving me positive vibes while working. I think tilted the song has a happy, edgy, contempory vibe just like my capsule collection.