I am really  not sure  what I’m doing here! I feel like I am experimenting and drifting, sometimes forgetting  what the brief is asking  me to do.

I decided I wanted to try and do what Chisato does in her designs and make the drawing as well as colour the important part of my samples so I experimented with dyeing with inks by using my cut outs that I made in project 2, when I revisited part 2 paper manipulation and drawing with stitch. Looking  at part 2 I feel that I wasn’t as sensitive to colour and materials as I could of been so this time I tried to be sensitive to both.

Above- using my cut out as a stencil has been very successful and has created a soft effect but I wanted to stitch on top of the drawing to blend  them both into one.

I like the pastel colours and I’m pleased with my fusion of drawing and stitch to the point it’s hard to separate which  one is which. I was aiming for it to look like it was drawn, not embroidered similar to Tsumori Chisatos work.

The bleeding of the ink is a happy accident giving  this sample an interesting effect. I think it’s very effective and I have achieved the mood that I wanted!

In the photo above I took a picture together of my sample and of  my yarn design and simply repeated the pattern. I enjoy the mixture of embroidery, drawing and the 3d effect of the yarn.

With the above sample I used some square sequins; I wanted a soft undefined silhouette almost like a stain. I’m confused at what I feel at this point but all I’m doing is experimenting and hoping  I’m on the right track.

With the sample above I decided to develop one of my collages by using apliqué technique like in  Tsumori Chisatos designs. Although I don’t necessarily like the overall effect of this sample I do find some of the textures achieved interesting. I like the satin and netting together as well as the contrast of  lace.

Wow! I have more respect for The people who do beading as not only do you need great eyesight but also a lot of patience!

For this sample I used glass beading  and the needle was extra fine so threading it was more than tricky. I also realised that I need good day light. The days are so short at present it’s been limiting. I like this sample and feel it was exacly what I wanted; full of texture, and delicate. I do wonder if I am being too literal in the way I am translating my drawings into  samples but the brief did say to be sensitive to the qualities of my drawings. I think with my next samples I want to use some  of my yarn samples that I did for building a responce and maybe weave them together.

Above a collage show casing my original drawings and my experiments; this helps me see how I have moved the designs gently forward.

And finally for now, some prints that I did by just simply repeating the pattern. I am hoping to practice and learn on adobe but that will take some time. I do feel that at the moment my prints are very busy. l would like to learn to develop them further; to refine them but I have to remember that they are not final pieces. Patience… Lorna Patience!