In one of my reviews my Tutor  commented that some aspects of my work remind her of Tsumari Chisato. At the time I couldn’t really see it but then again I wasn’t familiar with Tsumori Chisato work.

After doing some research I understood where my Tutor was coming from. I looked at some of the work and collections in this link and learnt more about this incredible designer.

I learnt that her label is playful, simple & youthful but above all she uses dazzling colours. Her prints are graphic and artistic. Some of her collections are print- heavy with use of cute Manga silhouettes. I particularly like her book -Kawaii.

I like the way Tsumori applies her colour to her pieces in her collections and how her drawings just seem to merge into her fabrics almost effortlessly (very inspiring to me). Her beading and appliqué techniques are exquisite,  and from that alone I have so much to learn.

These are some examples of my favourite pieces. I like the child- like motifs and aplication that Tsumori Chisato employs. I think the piece bellow that I made for assignment 2 has a similar feel, though obviesly not as professional 😋. It has inspired me to carry own being myself in my work as I sometimes have wondered if I was too childish. I also have a tendency to be print-heavy so I feel that looking at designers/artist like Tsumori Chisato not only gives me inspiration but also confidence.

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the use of 3d fabric construction. I was inspired by this piece which lead me to try a similar thing when I did my building a responce with my flowers.< a href=””&gt;<<<<<<
hoto below  I like the beading and colours used. The contrast in texture fascinates me too.

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are some pages from the book -Kawaii, I like how she sets the mood in the book and you can see the transition from drawings to prints on the fabrics. To me that is poetry and something I would like to adopt and learn from.< a href=””&gt;