As I started part five I gave myself some time to reflect on what I have learnt so far and on the things I would like to go back and inprove. My work is always progressing and therefore I haven’t come to any conclusions yet. Every part of this course has taught me something new. In my case, most of my work has been like a laboratory where I have experimented and learnt new things.

I think my experimentation has been very valuable and follows my journeying but I I’m still to find my destination.

It all started with some flowers that my friend gave me. As my friend  gave me the flowers she felt the need to tell me that  they where only “cheap flowers”. I took one glance at them as they were opening up by the sun pouring in my window.  There  and then I decided to go for option 3: Floral compositions.

I started thinking about how flowers make me feel better. How flowers can be healing and straight away they have the ability to lift you up. Flowers can heal!  Just look at they  apereance – they are so fragile and full of beauty. Their petals are silky and if you blew ever so softly on them they  would likely fall off, not to mention the aromas that they can produce! Those fragrances alone can send you into another dimension. I did some research and found so many plants that had healing properties. I found that so fascinating that left me wanting to know more.

Did you know that dandelions- Yes the weed! Can be a diuretic and they also contain potassium? They are used to cure eczema while also if taken internally they help combat athiritis and intestinal disorders. Their leaves are thought to regulate blood sugar levels.

Rosemary – is part of the mint family. A recent study found that the carnosity  acid in rosemary may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The oil in its flowers is antibacterial and anti-fungal. Rosemary improves circulation to the brain, which is why it has been associated with “remembrance”that’s it Rosmary in everything!

Lavender is well known for its fragrance. It has also been used to treat anxiety, migraines, insomnia and depression. It has always been my favourite.

Aloe Vera- The gel has been used for centuries to treat burns, cuts and skin infections. Experts belive that it may have properties to reduce skin inflammation. Aloe vera can also help releave constipation; Some people use it to treat heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. I give it to my tortoise often when he is constipated 😂

There are many more flowers and herbs that I could talk about but for now I just wanted to stimulate your imagination.

So you see, my ‘cheap flowers’ that my friend gave me suddenly took on more value. A worth that I will never underestimate as flowers make me feel loved, apreciated and reminded of the miracles in life. Something so delicate and fragile   has the power to evoke so many emotions so swiftly yet like in the twinkling of an eye they also disappear.

So with all this in mind I started to draw my flowers and create my experiment. I let the drawings lead me into other experiments and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what I would end up with. but so far I like the results!

I concentrated on the delicacy and the soothing pallets of the flowers.< a href=””&gt;< a href=””&gt;<<<<<
g my sketch further I couldn’t  resist playing with patterns and various apps on my computer. I liked the results but at this point I wanted my colour pallet to be more healing, fresh, delicate; possibly pastels like my water colours in part 3. A healing pallet!< a href=””&gt;<<<<<
some more experiments by changing the tones. I thought some of these prints would  be good for wall papers.<<<<<
=””&gt;< experimented and looked at various colour palettes and colour proportions before deciding on the ones I wanted. a href=””&gt;<<<<<
did some yarns explorations trying to capture the mood of my sketches. I could possibly come back to these and create a sample by weaving or joining them together with stitches.< a href=””&gt;<<<<<<
d at some of my samples from part 2surface and stitch where I used some stitching which appeared angular and almost like a weave and tried to replicate it but this time being sensitive to the colours I had recorded.

Below some more experiments on my computer repeating some of my drawings I created a texture print.< a href=””&gt;<<<<<<
ly decided on my colour palette: My soothing and healing hues.

the transparency of my chosen colours as I think they reflect the gentle hues on my flowers.<<<<<<
imented with cut outs similar to what I had done previously on part 2 paper manipulations, trying something different and airy.< a href=””&gt;<<<<<
are some collages and yarn experimentations that I enjoy. They Capture the mood of my drawings.

is an experiment on how I could develop this collage further and make it into a fabric.

< a href=””&gt;<<<<<
arn experiments that I may use for further samples. Options! 🤔

developed these yarn experiments again with one of my apps by simply repeating my collage and yarn explorations. Above is an example of yarn translations. This one is fun! I experimented with paper to play with options and making my yarn explorations three dimensional. At this point I am happy with my experiments and will continue to do some more yarn, collages and possibly paper manipulations of some of my other sketches in order to have a good body of work to choose from.

I made some flower pods and joined them by sewing them together to make a 3-d flower. I like the composition and I think it works well. There are many ways I could join the pods together to make different patterns. This is one of my samples. I am pleased with the gentle colours and the peace that it emits. I would like to say that I had planned this piece from the beginning yet it developed itself as a product of my laboratory. It took various experiments to lead me here. Below is an example of how I would maybe make more of these samples and join them together to make a bigger textured and 3d sample.