• Demonstration of technical and visual skills- I have demonstrated that I have used different materials and techniques through my yarns. I have been innovative and composition is very important to me.
  • Quality of outcome –  I think my presentation works well as it’s clear and shows what inspired my yarns, each page is numbered so it shows the order of my development. The content is clear and to the point. I have finally grasped how to tell a story through my textiles,  or in this case through my yarns.
  • Demonstration of creativity – I have demonstrated my creativity by making yarns with soaps, twigs and foam. I have experimented loads and I have come out with a concept bringing the project together and producing a collection of yarns I am proud of.
  • Context – My research has helped me to widen my knowledge. I have expressed my thoughts, reflection and conclusions in my blog clearly showing my progress through the course.

Part four has been a healing process for me. I won’t forget part four as it’s helped me put so many pieces together.

I have concluded this part by making myself a “feel good” cardigan. This cardigan is a reminder of what I have achieved and learnt in part four. I started with the news of cancer on my skin and part four has pulled me through the struggles of pain and worry. As I sent my work to my tutor on Friday I received the results of my biopsy. It was good news! The skin cancer has not spread and for now I’m in the clear!

In celebration I will enjoy a hug in the form of my “feel good cardi”.  The cardigan took me a weekend to make and I have come  up with the pattern myself. I deliberately chose happy colours to lift the mood through dark days in winter.

I also have rubbed essential oils in the merino wool so when I wear it the gentle  aromas will soothe me.

I will never take yarns for granted! And most importantly I will never take my life for granted.

Hurrah for healing yarns and hurrah for textiles!