I have learnt and gained so much in part four. I have learnt that there is no right or wrong in transforming textiles into yarns. It all depends what the focus is on; texture, colours, one colour in particular, proportions and so on. I think  part four has helped me free myself and not worry  much about the final outcome too early,  but explore the different processes. One of my strongest points, and one that I enjoy, is experimenting with different materials but I probably need to stop and record the processes in my sketch book more. I find it hard to stop at mid-flow to  record my findings and processes. I understand the importance on doing so,  not only for others to see how I come  to my conclusions but also for my future records. How else am I going to remember when I look back at my work?

I am happy with my presentation. Although I have had to adapt my original idea of having all my yarns explorations in the file folder I had designed,  as I underestimated how many yarns I would end up with. This gave me an opportunity to design a box.  I still don’t know which one I prefer?

The possibilities where endless in part four and I could easily go on and on as I have plenty of ideas but it would cost me a fortune in postage!

Finally I enjoyed learning about medical and healing fibres and  I look forward to expanding on that knowledge.

Looking forward to starting part five!