For this exercise I looked at my collage studies in exercise 3.4 and  developed some more refined yarn designs . I cut some fabrics with similar qualities as the papers I used on my complex collage and then joint them together with stitch. I then added some accent colours in the form of sequins. I like the different textures on this yarn exploration and I enjoy the flatness and the surface qualities; some being shinny, busy and colourful.

Based on my complex collage study I further explored flat braiding using rags with similar qualities and hues than those  on my collage. I do feel that I have done this before and keep coming back to the same predictable braid no matter how much I try to do a different one.

Althow yet another braid I like this one more than the other one. I prefer the proportion of colours better.

This yarn is based on my Monochromatic study. I cut two different types of card and joint them together systematically by stitching them. The cardboard has circles raised echoing the plates on my dresser in my collage. I like the contrast of the matt black card and the shimmer and shinny silver card.

Here are two more yarns based on the unusual colour collage in part 3.4, I enjoy the block of colours on the second yarn and the different textures with the sandwiched tissue paper and transparent plastic.