Above is a list of  words from part 2 that helped me with different methods. The aim of the exercise was to apply methods of deconstruction and reduction to capture lightness, colour energy & particular qualities of my water-colour painted stripes.

Recently I have been practicing making bars of soap. I find that  smells & colour can be healing so I have been making my own soaps with natural ingredients from my garden.

After doing my research on healing fibres I was taken by the concept of healing through the clothes we wear. This concept ties in well with the story I have been telling through my research of Madonna in the Meadows. Women & all their changes & lack of control over their bodies & their minds . How many women do you know suffering from some kind of mental illness? So many of us trying to juggle so many pressures in life.

Would it not be wonderful to have an item of clothing that you could put on on days when you were feeling vulnerable and that item would make  you feel better through its fibres? The  fibres would release the plant’s healing properties, and with its  aromas would soothe your body & senses. I know what you are  thinking? How would you wash it? That’s not practical! Maybe it’s  been done before. Yes  you’re probably right and I have had these thoughts too. For now I shall dream and explore as this is what I should be doing while doing my degree so allow me that pleasure.

Above are some examples of my soap making. Rosemary, lavender, honey, coconut oil, olive oil and aloe vera are some ingredients I used from my garden.

Here are  some of the materials I tore off, cut off, pounded and gathered. I tried punching holes with a hole puncher but that didn’t work & resulted only in a broken hole puncher.

I decided to have a break and carry on with my soap making ( much more enjoyable than fighting with a hole puncher).

I poured some of my melted soap & randomly added some threads representing the qualities of my water colour-transparent , delicate, and fragile.

And this is the result! I enjoy the delicacy and fragility of this yarn. The process was soothing. I wish I could send you the gentle aromas coming out from it.  You can see the bubbles of air in the soap and against the light it looks magical ( in my eyes anyway).

I know I have to come back down to earth and smell the roses! as I recognise this is not at all practical because if you tried to make anything with this yarn it would be impossible as it’s so fragile. It’s exactly because it is fragile that I like it for this project, as once again it tells the story of a fragile mind, soul and body while also meeting the brief of the exercise.

With the remains of my unsuccessful  punding I added the remnants of paper and fabric to my soap mixture.

The colours are brighter on the photograph than in real life. I think the result is a gentle fusion of colours and aromas and that is a treat to my senses!

Below is another yarn exploration using lace and cutting a bath scrubber resulting into a lighter, fun yarn very different to my previous yarn explorations inspired by Madonna in the Meadows (old Master painting). I see what you’re doing here Oca😉.

< a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/img_6549.jpg”&gt;< a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/img_6552.jpg”&gt;<
ove are some processes with the materials used varying the effects, making these samples heavier than my previous ones. The idea was to cut some of the satin to make the fabric lighter and then loop through some lace that was transparent to let the light travel through.< a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/img_6551.jpg”&gt;<<<
e examples of gathered lace using some knotting.

< a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/img_6530.jpg”&gt;<<<
dn’t feel very exited by these samples as, although pretty, I feel they are predictable. Hey ho! At this stage it’s all an experiment, so experiment I shall!

t back to my soap making. This time I used my molds and used a natural dye in each one. The colours are not as pastel as I wanted them to be but they were the hues I had to work with. Instead of pouring the soap mixture I used the molds and then cut them into small squares & poked a hole in them.

en passed a silk thread through to represent the gentleness of the hues on the strips of my watercolour in part 3.3.

I also added some of the shower scrubber which I find very fitting for this sample.

To wrap up this exercise I possibly had too much fun making lotions and potions feeling like a white witch. I do realise that these yarns are not practical in any way but they are sure pretty! I enjoyed exploring, and adore the concept of things being so delicate that they could disappear; in this case melting and leaving the power of scent and colour behind.

< a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/img_6584.jpg”&gt;a href=”https://somebunnylovesu.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/img_6585.jpg”&gt;