In this exercise I had to develop a series of yarns designs and a simple textile construction in response to the colour work I carried out in Exercise 3.2

Using some of my yarn designs above I have developed this textile construction, interpreting some of the colours and textures; like the fluffy clouds and the ivory delicate, almost translucent, skin on the babies.
 The sample above is a crochet practice interpreting the figures in the painting like” blobs of colours”. I do feel like I have gone a bit bonkers in this exercise! But I promise there is a method to my madness!

 Using some of my notes on mixing colours from exercise 3.2 I created a crochet chain.

This is an interpretation of my views and thoughts of what I saw in the painting and my questions on how The Virgin Mary felt as a mother (previous blog). I realised earlier on in this exercise that there was no way I could reproduce a piece of art that would be worthy of the painting  “Madonna in the meadow” in the short time that I have scheduled for this exercise. I also have come to understand that reproducing the painting is not what’s been asked of me in the brief. I was asked to reinterpret or reinvent the painting with my own yarn designs. I tried to extract some of the colours in the painting and used basic knotting, crochet chain and basic macrame after much research and looking at various tutorials online. The tape at the top holding my yarns says “fragile” which is “delicate mind” which is how I feel alot of women feel after having their babies and during motherhood as a hole. I feel this is in no way a finished piece and could be something to develop at a further date with better yarns and improving the knotting etc. Let’s just say this is a sketch at this point!

On reflection

With my first interpretation of Madonna in the Meadows I  experimented with different techniques like crochet and macrame extracting some of the colours from my exercise 3.2 and reinterpreting the textures. I was trying to stay true to the colour proportions but I found it harder than I thought. I moved on to crocheting another interpretation trying to re-interpret the figures in Madonna in the Meadows like “blobs of colour” secretly I like this interpretation as I think with more time and practice it could be an interesting outcome even if I did feel a bit bonkers!

My last interpretation is more abstract and less literal or pictorial (which makes a change for me). I like the concept and the idea as I enjoy the story I’m telling. I am not sure that  I executed it to the best of my ability but I learnt to “let my hair down”and not worry to much about making everything look pretty or stilyrise to much ( like my Tutor has commented on several occasions).

I struggled understanding this exercise at the beginning and got a bit stressed out. I think colour , texture and story telling are my stronger points so I tryed to build on those strengths in this exercise. I still feel unsure of the outcome of this exercise but I am not sure what else to do at this point. I shall move forward and not ponder to much!