Thank you Collette for such positive feedback. I valued the Skype call and got so much out of it.

It was no coincidence that I had the Skype call on the morning I was having a biopsy for stage one melanoma on my back. I don’t know what scared me the most! The doctors carvings on my back or my tutors comments, actually I think my Tutors comments! And that’s not because she’s scary. When I do my work it’s so personal! I feel part of me has gone into it so I find that my Tutors comments are so valuable, and personal. But I didn’t need to worry! It came to me as a complete surprise that everything Collette said was positive. I feel that although I love colour I’m also scared of its use as you can quickly overdo or ruin a good piece of work by applying colour in the wrong way. I think my love of colour comes from pain. When I feel physical pain I crave colour, in fact I feel that colour can heal and in part 3 that’s exactly what I feel I have been doing.

So I didn’t really need drugs to numb my pain after I was left with a hole in my back, I held on to my Tutors positive comments and they gave me the strength I needed to carry on and fight the negative cells in my body.

As I await the results of my biopsy I carry on building on those positive comments and building my textiles practice on a rock.

Ps. You will be very impressed to know that the Doctor used a very neat blanket stitch I almost asked if I could have some of the thread they use to stitch skin for my Yarn exploration.😂